Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken

Andrew Nguyen
21st Mar 2021

Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken in Ingleburn is pumping out delicious Middle Eastern food ranging from Falafel to their Lamb Shawarma. In addition to their Middle Eastern food on offer on their menu, they do serve different Burgers, their signature Charcoal Chicken and Crispy Chicken which is their latest addition to their menu. Surprisingly, this establishment does also serve Butter Chicken and a Chicken Biryani on their menu as well to cater for a wide range of customers.
When customers first step into Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken, they see a spacious dining area with a view of the open kitchen over the counter. The smells from the charcoal grill just waft into your nose, making you whet your appetite for what is about to come. Aside from the indoor dining area, there is an outdoor dining area if people want to sit outside to eat while enjoying the breeze or other weather conditions. The staff at Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken are very welcoming and will assist you in working out what to order at their place by recommending you their favourite menu items.

The Charcoal Chicken which is the signature of the establishment is flavourful as the use of the charcoal grill imparted such flavour straight into the flesh of the chicken while leaving it juicy throughout.

Whereas, their Crispy Chicken had such texture through the greatly seasoned crispy coating which allowed the chicken to retain its moisture from the deep fry process. The contrast between soft chicken meat and the crispy coating was just heaven for me.

Their Tabouli is vibrant and fresh with diced herbs, red onions and tomatoes dressed in a lemon-based dressing. This was a perfect accompaniment to the Charcoal Chicken and Crispy Chicken that was served to us by the staff.

I must admit the Falafel at Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken is delicious. A mixture of what I believe is a well seasoned combination of fava beans and chickpeas with hints of garlic and herbs in it, are deep fried to the point where each falafel attains such a crispiness that pairs really well with the soft Lebanese bread and their House-made Pickles which makes for an excellent bite when eaten altogether as one.

The Lamb Shawarma is a flavour explosion as it contained pieces of seasoned Lamb with cooked down peppers and fresh vegetables that is housed within a soft Lebanese bread that is made into a wrap.

The Chicken Biryani is an interesting find to see at Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken. This particular style of Biryani was the type where the protein of choice (chicken meat in this case) was cooked and mixed throughout the flavoured rice so that all the flavours would meld as one. The spices used for the Biryani offered some heat as a result of the spices used in the cooking process.

Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken is a short 3 minute walk from Ingleburn Station straight to the corner of Oxford Road and Macquarie Road on the left side if you are getting there by public transport, as I found out. You will find the lovely establishment represented by a Rooster-like logo near JJR Indian and Sri Lankan Spices.

Cedar’z Charcoal Chicken
108B Macquarie Road, Ingleburn
seven days 9am – 9pm