Hangang Korean Restaurant Strathfield

Andrew Nguyen
14th Mar 2021

Hangang by Mama Park at Strathfield has moved two shops down from the initial restaurant location. Though a smaller space, the food, hospitality and service is still on point.

Your favourites are still present on the menu such as the Raw Marinaded Crabs which you can get in a Soy Sauce-based flavour or a Spicy-based flavour. In addition, parts of the BBQ menu are present as well. Hangan by Mama Park is now serving Raw Beef Tartare (Yukhoe) which you can get on its own or in a Bimbimbap form (a Korean-style Rice Bowl). On top of that, you can now order a Sashimi Bimbimbap which consists of Raw Cubed Salmon pieces in a metal bowl with Various Greens, Rice and their House-made vinegary Gochujang-based sauce to flavour the Bimbimbap with.

If you’re keen for that Korean BBQ experience why not try their Thick Pork Belly with Mama Park’s Aged Kimchi as an option where both the thick cut Pork Belly pieces and the Aged Kimchi hit the grill where the heat starts to caramelise both the Aged Kimchi and Pork Belly pieces in places, amplifying their flavour by twofold. The slight acidity from the aged Kimchi pairs really well with the fatty thick sliced Pork Belly which you eat together as instructed by the staff. This particular BBQ dish is served with a fresh and vibrant Shallot Salad which has Sliced Lettuce, Shallots,Garlic Chives and Spring Onions that has been dressed in Sesame Oil and other flavorings which helps cut down the fattiness of the meat.

The various banchans (the side dishes on offer) are always made fresh and change on a daily basis at Hangang by Mama Park which adds a textural contrast and a changing flavour dimension to the meal making every mouthful different in experience. These banchans are refillable with no charge so you can just enjoy yourself the whole day or night as you joyfully eat Mama Park’s traditional Korean cooking which she shows through the dishes served at this establishment.

DID YOU KNOW!? that Hangang by Mama Park is now doing Soju based cocktails as well so when you do pop in, I would recommend ordering the Melona Ice-cream Soju Cocktail where Soju is diluted with Lemonade and a Melona Ice-cream is placed into the drink which slowly melts infusing its Melon-like flavour into the cocktail which makes for a very unique dining experience..

Hangang By Mama Park
Shop 254 Corner of Raw Square and Churchill Avenue, Strathfield
(opposite 30 Churchill Avenue)

Tue -Thur Sunday 11.30am - 9pm
Fri - Sat 11.30am 3pm 5pm - 9pm
Sun 11.30am - 9pm