How To Hangover: Eat Chips

Rebecca Varidel
16th May 2018

You get the grease. Sometimes we take 'em as a preventative. Sometimes they're a morning after pill. Here's five ways to get your hangover chips and eat 'em too.

Zeus Street Greek now with 20 stores add news items to their Aussie twist Greek We like the look of Loaded Yia’s Yia’s Chips - Yia Yia's chips loaded with succulent beef brisket, feta, smoky yoghurt, harissa aioli and fresh chilli.

BBQ Smoken Ribs stack the bomb, fries so generous laden with chili con carne, cheddar cheese, aioli, chipotle mayo and smoked paprika that its best to share, eat alone if your dare.

Stuffed Beaver offer menu item Poutine with scrumptious lashings of cold cheese oozing in hot gravy on hot chips. Yes this luscious offering is the perfect before, in the middle while you're drinking, or soak it up after grub. While the dish simulates the Canadian original our not quite the same Aussie curds gives as close as you can get to a real Poutine in Sydney. Or maybe this is our True Blue variety.

The Treehouse Hotel lists "House Chips" in the Something Extra lunch section and Sides for dinner. Anytime of day or night the Treehouse chips are billowy soft and sensual; it's worth a trip to North Sydney just for these.

Butter can fool those not in the know with their window display, of sneakers. But for those that have been inside the joint, they get it: alongside the best fried chicken in Sydney, there's outstanding chips. And they can stand on their own when they need to.

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Photo by Dominic Loneragan courtesy of Zeus