La Piadina Double Bay

Olivia Watson
1st Aug 2017

Riding on the successes of La Piadina's flagship cafe in Bondi, its sister venue popped up in Double Bay last year, spreading the joys of piadina farther and giving staff a chance to expand their menu.

"Not a bloody pizza", as the menu will remind you, a piadina is an Italian flat bread, folded over and encasing some tasty fillings.

The classic, well loved 11-item all-day piadina list has come from the Bondi store intact, with options such as smoked ham with provolone ($13), or prosciutto with stracchini & rocket ($15).

And the menu has evolved further, with additional options such as breakfast piadine, salads and bruchetta. For breakfast the piadinas come open or rolled up. For a La Piadina take on a brekky wrap, try the Rotolo with scrambled egg, pancetta, spinach, ricotta & spicy sauce, or make that piadina a black charcoal one with the Black Rotolo.

Smashed avo is not forgotten here, and while you can still order it on toast like every other weekend, give it a try on piadina one time. Several of the open piadina options feature Sydney's favourite brunch staple, with extras such as prosciutto, pesto, bresaola or even a soft boiled egg. Order an "I Love Me", one of their classic brekky options, for open piadina with smashed avo, feta, roasted cherry tomato, oregano & truffle oil - pre-sliced for sharing (or not) and a tasty way to start the day.

However the main event here is the classic piadina menu, and we say don't miss the main event. The classic list of eleven is joined by an extra collection of special piadine, giving you even more to choose from.

There's grilled chicken with avocado, tomato, mozzarella, rocket & chilli oil ($18), tuna with mozzarella, tomato & rocket ($16), Special #1 of prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato & rocket ($18) and salame nduja with stracchino & Spanish onion ($15).

Number 6 - wagyu bresaola, fresh burrata, artichoke, cherry tomato and rocket ($21) is our top pick of the day, packed full of flavour.

Aware of the local tastes in their new location, the La Piadina team have sensibly added a salad section to their menu and unlike at the original venue the piadina here come with cutlery. From a brief glance around the packed venue, it seems these were good decisions (though we still recommend using your hands).

We love a quirky little touch - be sure to look closer at the patterns on the serving boards underneath after you've eaten your piadina.

Drinks include standard hot and cold cafe classics, their special Sicilian iced almond latte and for a little later in the day, Aperol Spritz.

La Piadina is found at 1 Kiora Lane, Double Bay, and is open 7am -6pm every day.

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1 Kiora Lane
Double Bay
+61 2 9300 0160

Mon – Sun 7am – 6pm