Mrs Sippy - Double Bay

Melanie Pike
6th Aug 2017

Mrs Sippy isn’t your usual glitz of the Double Bay strip along Bay Street. It stands out with its open, relaxed atmosphere. We were a little early for our booking, so the friendly staff suggested we enjoy a drink in the bar out the back. We didn't say no!

Walking through the venue to the bar area out back, we passed by the long open kitchen where the talented chefs were busily prepping for the evening service.

The restaurant seating is a mix of some large tables for groups and more intimate ones for couples. As you continue through into the bar you realise just how big the place is. Its beach-house vibe in the bar includes comfortable couches, tall tables and extra seating upstairs (which doubles as a dance floor) for a bit more privacy. A group function would really work in this space. The cocktails came fast, were fresh and well mixed. 

Onto the food! The new menu we were tasting was all perfect for sharing but not so large in serving size that you have to share. Sometimes you want the whole plate to yourself!

We started with the house-baked focaccia, which had a nice crunch on the outside and a soft, warm, pillowy centre. Topped with caramelised onion and sesame seeds, it’s served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

The BBQ chipotle king prawns were spectacular. Perfectly cooked, the extra large prawns were smeared with chipotle to give them a chilli kick. Served on a bet of tomatillo salsa for dipping, the jalapeno and coriander boost freshened and balanced the flavours.

Next up were the Seoul BBQ chicken in lettuce cups. Spicy, crunchy and sweet, these were generous in size atop a cos lettuce leaf and topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and shallots. A squirt of lime juice added a cooling zestyness.

A bed of smooth tahini sauce topped with roast eggplant and sprinkled with crunchy spiced chickpeas and pomegranates was next. The eggplant had a soft smokey flavour which complemented the mild nuttiness of the tahini sauce. We liked the touch of adding pomegranates to bring a sweet tartness into the dish.

A larger main was the peri peri chicken with crispy confit chicken stock potatoes. On-the-bone tender pieces of chicken covered in a rich peri peri sauce served with thinly sliced baby potatoes. The peri peri sauce was surprisingly more citrus flavoured than chilli and pleased the senses when paired with the succulent chicken pieces. The potatoes were infused with a lovely chicken stock flavour. A real winter warming dish. 

The lamb pizza with eggplant, green chilli and ricotta was a gourmet pizza with seasoned slow cooked lamb pieces, roast eggplant and soft melted creamy ricotta. This wasn't a spicy pizza but had a soft tingle from the green chilli.

The seafood option was a blackened barramundi with fried plantain, avocado and coconut cream. Luscious pieces of barramundi fillet, on a super smooth bed of avocado and coconut cream accompanied by crispy fried plantain. The fish was butter soft and literally melted in your mouth, coated in cajun spices so it blackens well but not overpowering. The plantain chips added a crunchy texture and were great for dipping into the creamy base.

There were also a few side dishes to choose from. The charred greens with chilli and lemon had a slight crunch in the greens with a nice charred smokey flavour, the chilli and lemon added some contrasting flavours. A great addition to some of the more rich main plates. 

The second side we had was the sweet potato fries with furikake and yuzu mayonnaise. Sweet potato fries are a winter favourite and Mrs Sippy’s version didn’t disappoint. Piping hot, crispy, thinly cut and beautifully seasoned with large granules of rock salt and furikake. The Japanese inspired yuzu mayonnaise was light, creamy and added a slight citrus chilli burst. 

Even though we were stuffed full, we found a way to try the desserts too. First up was a chocolate fondant with miso caramel and macadamia. The fondant was soft and delicate with an oozing centre. The macadamias were nicely candied and the miso caramel tasted of butterscotch with a slight miso saltiness. You’d be hard pressed to find tastebuds that didn’t enjoy this one.

The final dish of evening was visually stunning in presentation and layered with artistic finesse. A super sweet ball of raspberry sorbet rested on an almond coconut shell. Below that was a green tea panacotta on a bed of delicious raspberry coulis. The coconut almond crunch added a nice texture to the smoothness of the raspberry sorbet. The vegan panacotta had an interesting texture with only a very slight hint of matcha. 

The experience as a whole was very enjoyable. The waitstaff were attentive and knew what they were serving. The presentation of the food was precise and the overall selection of the winter menu unique and tasty.


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