Spirit Of The Wild

Cherry Brearley
16th Jul 2018

All us well informed Sydney-Siders are known for being proud to wear a 'suit' of sophistication, suave, and trend-savviness with a stylish pride. Sometimes though, in and around our races through the city rat-run, we pause for breath and wish we could escape to something more real and wild, and have nature re-invigorate our souls. There might be the odd snatched weekend trip here, or a half-yearly holiday perhaps, but chances to really put the city conveniently on pause, just for a few hours, are few. Wild Turkey's Spirit of the Wild seeks to satisfy that craving.

Brought together through a collaborative tribe of some of Sydney's most highly reputed fine food and drink purveyors, and set in an ethereal, twinkling wintery wonderland comfortingly nicknamed Old Mate's Place, the three-course tasting menu, priced reasonably at $69 per head with a cocktail on arrival, does not disappoint. Dining at The Spirit of The Wild is a sensory journey beyond the skyscrapers, out of the suburbs, and beyond, into the drama and majesty of the forest, the menu having been curated Continental Deli chefs, to include as many natively Australian ingredients as possible, presented in a variety of imaginative ways. Cuddled up and gazing at the open fire-pit beset with brackens and ferns, it's the ideal mini-break in nature, gilded in gourmet luxury.

The hidden oasis will be open every Tuesday to Saturday night for just four weeks and Wild Turkey will be keeping the location a secret, enticing adventurous Aussies to seek it out for themselves - booking essential. Head to https://www.opentable.com.au/r/spirit-of-the-wild-sydney to book and discover your own Spirit of the Wild.