Sensory Beer Dinner @ Sydney Brewery

Mimi Dang
18th Nov 2019

Sydney Brewery collaborated with music producer Hylander last weekend and brought beer enthusiasts a unique dining experience full of beats and rhythms. After delving into the world of ‘sonic seasoning’, a growing scientific field that explores how sound can make your food or drink taste better, Sydney Brewery Surry Hills showcased its findings by hosting a ‘Sensory Beer Dinner’. Guests were treated with a four-course degustation with matching beers and ciders, proving that not only wine can be paired with and uplift food.

The menu featured savoury dishes with a sweet twist, including goats curd king mushroom tart with a walnut dressing that was paired with the cider and crispy honey smoked pork belly with beetroot slaw and the Surry Hills Pils. Take the Surry Hills Pilsner, for example, it has its own floral, aromatic character and its fruity spicy bitterness that finishes beautifully already. Now think of having it with the crispy, smoky pork belly. If you think that is a match made in heaven, think again. What will it taste like with sonic seasoning?

Sydney Brewery had dessert sorted out as well with a rich chocolate tart, accompanied by a Darlo Dark. Hylander himself performed live throughout the night, creating various soundscapes of different notes and frequencies as guests immersed themselves in their own sensory experience.

This exciting collaboration between the Sydney Brewery and Hylander is the second of its kind and hopefully not the last!

If you don’t believe the taste of your food can change with sound, then the best thing to do is taste it for yourself!

Photos by Michelle Dang