Sushi Hub

Olivia Watson
14th May 2018

We all know Sydney - nay, Australia - LOVES its sushi, with rolls and trains and takeaway joints seemingly tucked around every second corner of the city.

If you've been eating sushi in Sydney you've no doubt encountered one of the Sushi Hub sites. Sushi Hub operates over 50 venues in NSW, Victoria, ACT and Queensland, primarily offering a wide tasty range of takeaway items to Australian sushi fiends.

We were invited to visit their central George Street store opposite Railway Square at Sydney's Central Station, to sample an array of their takeaway offerings in the comfortable setting of the eat in sushi train venue. It's a friendly, comfortable, no-frills dining experience that the staff hand well alongside their constant takeaway trade.

The takeaway window is large and inviting, showcasing all the sushi rolls, nigiri, inari and more that the venues offers passing diners and commuters. There are of course the usual favourites, and we will always find it hard to resist a classic salmon and avocado roll, which Sushi Hub delivers well with a glorious fresh tender hunk of salmon and bright complementary avo. Crumbed prawn rolls are a guilty pleasure and another favourite done well here.

For eat in and takeaway there are numerous sashimi options too. Salmon, tuna and scallop are tasty, tender and even better with a touch of pickled ginger or wasabi.

Highlights of the menu must include their signature nigiri, which are available for takeaway and presented beautifully in the front window. Standouts include the grilled eel and personal favourite, grilled salmon.

A "sushi sandwich" is a cheeky invention of layers of sushi rice, salmon, avocado and egg. It's very Sydney... and despite being a little fiddly to eat, it's actually delicious.

The dine in menu offers "create your own hand roll" - a fabulous idea where you choose your own fillings. There's also sake and Udon noodle options for in house diners at this store. And don't forget your green tea or miso soup (or both).

Sushi Hub is at 2/815-825 George St, Haymarket and over 50 more venues around NSW and beyond