Hylander IPA Sydney Brewery

Mimi Dang
24th Sep 2019

Have you ever heard of sonic seasoning?

It's actually a growing scientific field that explores how sound can make your food or drink taste better! That was exactly what was in store for Sydney Scoop as we were invited to the Sydney Brewery for the launch of its Hylander Session IPA.

The Sydney brewery showcased this exciting new beer in collaboration with music maker Hylander last week. It's fruity and sweet but can be so much more with sonic-pairing. That's right - forget about pairing your sauv blanc with your white meats or pasta, this time we're talking music!

Hylander performed live, delivering some indie electronic vibes. Hylander (a.k.a Connor) said ‘the sound schemes are mapped to the palette of the beer’. What he created was a soundscape for guests to sip and notice whether the flavours of the beer have morphed with the changing sound frequencies.

The concept is called synesthesia and is defined by having one sense (e.g. taste or hearing) simultaneously experienced with other senses. Here Hylander challenges us to unleash this superpower and perhaps unlock different flavour notes compared to drinking with the usual background noise. You may be surprised just how interlinked the senses are!

Come taste it for yourself!

Sydney Brewery
28 Albion St,
Surry Hills, NSW