Vico Pizza Bar

Rebecca Varidel
11th Dec 2021

Vico Pizza Bar first opened during lockdown, so Potts Point locals got to know the new restaurant only as a superb new option for best take away pizza. Finally with restrictions lifted, a group of girlfriends got together to dine in and try the sensational tastes of Italy. Pizza included and beyond, with some particularly delicious specialties of Napoli.

There are plenty of ways to start the meal at Vico Pizza Bar but what could be better on a summer's evening than an Aperol Spritz and luscious Antipasti. Food in the middle of the table is a great way to share an evening with friends. Each of the beautiful antipasti ingredients here is stunning quality and utterly delicious. Starters are also offered invidually at Vico Pizza Bar. The prosciutto is top Parma, salame, mortadella, smoked pancetta, buffalo mozzarella, soft and creamy burrata, and harder cheeses such as Pecorino. So you can compose your own board, or just have a plate of your favourite as aperitvo.

Settling in for a well deserved and long overdue catch up, we shared all our dishes so we got to try more. But there's is nothing stopping you ordering individual dishes. Actually, the eggplant parmigiana is the best I've ever had, so next time I'm not sharing with anyone. Promise. You can tell be the luscious complexity that is has been prepared and cooked with care. Yet I didn't expect it to be a dish that takes a couple of days to make. And apparently it is. The proof is in the eating - best of breed. It was the favourite of more than one of us at our table.

Then it's like Neapolitan Ground Hog Day because the next dish of pasta has the best ragu that I've ever eaten. Or, at least its up there with the best. So much love for this. And so much love coming through in this cooking.

There's a stack more Italian street food offerings including the glorious filled calzone, and again it is its best self. Vico Pizza Bar where have you been all my life?

Our dine in version of pizza is one up on other pizzas. The same signature crust but this pizza has been stuffed and is laden with salad and topped with burrata. I call it my big fat burrata pizza. It's a feast in itself, yet somehow we manage to share house made tiramisu as you should always eat well, and each meal should have a beginning middle and end. And here, we ate very well indeed. Bravissimo Vico Pizza Bar!

True hospitality is offered here in service, cocktails and a fine wine list, as well as the scrumptious Neapolitan foods.

With a shop address listed as part of 95 Macleay Street, turn the Hughes Street corner to discover the welcoming dine in entrance. And there's nothing stopping you making Vico Pizza Bar a regular pizza take away stop either. I'm so very lucky this is my local.