Creatures of the Wild: A Playlist by Deepsea Lights

Feel the innate and beautiful power of nature with this playlist by Sydney duo Deepsea Lights. Following their stunning new single and video "Singing the Bones," they've shared with us some of the arcane and ancient musical magic that inspires them. See their track-by-track rundown below and listen above. 

Baths - "Lovely Bloodflow"

So many beautiful things about this track. Layered falsetto vocals, stuttering beats. Be sure to check out the clip as well. Immaculate!

Ribongia - "Golden (feat. Owen Rabbit)"

Flowing over like a sunset in summer, this is Australia's January in musical form. 

Loreena McKennitt - "Night Ride Across the Caucasus (Live)"

Timeless like Loreena herself, 'Night Ride Across the Caucasus' evokes an epic journey across the land, sky and sea. A perennial favourite. 

Typhoon - "Morton's Fork"

You can summarise the dark beauty of this track using one of our favourite lines the song itself: "we're all alone in this together".

Kate Tempest - "Don't Fall In"

Kate is a machine. This entire album is a masterpiece of storytelling. In this track she does an amazing job of giving a real personalty to a storm rolling in. 

James Blake - "I Need A Forest Fire"

Haunting overlapping vocals that meander over hypnotic organ drone. It falls apart and comes back together with a real natural rhythm. This song really breathes.

Damh the Bard - "Green and Grey"

The forests need protectors, and this tells the story of one of it's most famous. You'll see ;)

edIT - "Ants"
Immaculate production. Flowing guitar and string loops combined expertly with some of the best glitch beats you'll hear this week. 
Eivør - "Trøllabundin"
Let Eivør transport you with her voice into the core of the land itself. This woman is part human, part ancient nature spirit for sure.

Willow Beats - "The Deep"

Willow Beats always make beautiful layered soundscapes with their beats paired with cute melodies and lyrics. This track is off their latest album - it's like being a nature spirit in a magical land of frogs and moss. 

Mathas - "Nourishment"

Bush tucker, trade and Indigenous culture... the reality of a colonised land never ceded. Mathas is easily one of Australia's best emcees, and our favourite.

Nitin Sawhney - "Spark"

Vivid and playful. This song feels going for a swim on a warm summer night.

Deepsea Lights - "Demeter (Your Fruit)"

Can we include our own tracks? Most of our tracks are about connection to nature, but it's this one that considers it most directly. 

Jamiroquai - "Didgin' Out"

Old school Jamiroquai here from their first album. Chill out to the rolling didge and funky bassline like you're riding across the Nullabor. 

Milo - "Magician (Suture)"
Effortless and intricate flow. Milo is an absolute wordsmith. 
Sóley - "Follow Me Down"

Another incredible story teller. Sóley's songs always feel like old fairytales.  

Deya Dova - "Bone Dance"

Get up and dance to the sound of the planet. Deya Dova gives us a warrior call in this track - 'It only takes one individual to start a revolution'.

Björk - "Mutual Core"

Like all of Björk's music 'Mutual Core' is expressive and visceral. It's a volcano expressed in musical form. Boom!

A Tribe Called Red - "Electric Pow Wow Drum"

Everyone needs to know A Tribe Called Red. Combining kick arse electronic beats with First Nations music 'Electric Pow Wow Drum' is probably their biggest track - you'll be able to see why. This one will get you on your feet to feel that earth rhythm. 

Groeni - "The Oak"

Both relaxed and driving at the same time. Sparse yet complex. Like running through a dreamscape. 

You can catch Deepsea Lights launching their brand new music with a special performance at Create or Die in Marrickville on Saturday December 9th. They'll also be performing at The Newsagency for Summer Mixtape in January. Follow them on Facebook for details.