Ginger & the Ghost Soundtrack Your Autumn

Clearly, Sydney's space-faring electronic pop duo Ginger & the Ghost see things a little differently to us. When we asked them to give us their soundtrack for the cool (and wet) Autumn we're entering, they didn't hit us with wistful (Autumnal) folk like you may expect. Ginger & the Ghost's "Autumn leaves and glitter trees" is the soundtrack for vibrant colours and spectral moods. With the glassy textures and twinkling soundscapes presented here, t's a little urban, but it's also way out there. 

It's not surprising, really, given the duo's amazing new single "Glow." The beats sound like they could fill arenas, but the swirling textures and singer Missy's voice quivers like liquid. Producer Dan has created a strangely buoyant environment for Missy's heartfelt, visceral and almost feral performance that takes in roaring electronica, psychedelic pop, and stadium-sized rock all at once while never quite sounding like any of them.

The band also have a keen visual sense, as you can see in the video for "Glow" below. And you can experience their unique sound and vision later this month when the band bring their "immersive musical performance" to Alexandria's Nest Creative Space to launch their new single into the stratosphere. For gig details, check out the Sydney Scoop calendar.

So jam to the band's incredible Autumn playlist above, which includes some stunning electronic vibes from the likes of Bonobo, Giraffage, Young Magic, and more. Maybe you too will learn to see things the way Ginger & the Ghost do.