The Kite Machine: Melbourne v. Sydney

Hi Sydney - we’re The Kite Machine and we made you a playlist!

A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone so we took the liberty of pitting our favourite Sydney bands against our favourite Melbourne ones. Let us know what we missed - enjoy the tunes!


Midnight Oil - "King of the Mountain"

Undeniably one of Australia’s most legendary bands. Kane went to his first ever gig at ‘the Arena’ in Geelong seeing Midnight Oil and they’ve been one of his favourites ever since.

“It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!”

Bluejuice - "Broken Leg"

This party rock band really used to bring it live - consider yourself blessed if you got to see these guys in their heyday. Consider yourself un-Australian if you haven’t cracked a tinnie to “Broken Leg.”

Wolfmother - "Dimension"

Another live monstrosity from back in the day. Riffs riffs and more riffs adorn the catalogue of the much revered Sydney rockers.

The Vines - "She's Got Something To Say To Me"

“I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free, I’m gonna get free, ride into the sun.” - tell us you haven’t lost your voice to this banger. If you’re not initiated also check out the softer side of the Vines on their sophomore album Winning Days.

The Preatures - "Magick"

A new favourite of ours since their recent “Girlhood” album and tour. Definitely feel like we let these ones slip under the radar in the past but The Preatures have really settled in as one of the country’s finest.

DMA’s - "Delete"

Sydney’s own DMA’s got everyone’s attention with “Delete” in 2014 including us. Such an amazing performance and production that leaves us getting excited whenever these guys have new gear.

The Whitlams - "No Aphrodisiac"

Super pumped that these guys are back and touring. ‘Love this City’ is a killer album with stories relating to Sydney at the turn of the century and is a personal favourite of ours - give it a listen!

COG - "Are You Interested?"

One of the masters of prog - Sydney’s own COG provide the churning, dirty jams that could easily soundtrack a Sydney to Melbourne road trip.

The Presets - "Kicking And Screaming"

Masters of synth bass - we’ve let a little of these guys influence our instrumentation on our single “Sinister Sound.” Loving the disco vibe of the new record too!

INXS - "Need You Tonight"

Another classic Aussie rock band. Highly regarded by TKM as both innovators and entertainers INXS are something the whole family can enjoy.


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - "Nuclear Fusion"

This multi-headed musical beast is about the best Melbourne has to offer right now. A staggering amount of killer material ensures the myth of the Gizz will forever be cemented in Aussie music history.

The Living End - "West End Riot"

OG Melbourne rock royalty - The Living End are the bottom line in crazy fast, sweaty rock and roll.

Jet - "Rip It Up"

‘Get Born’ and ‘Shine On’ are filled to the brim with rock’n’roll bangers. Levi had his dreams come true when he saw these guys open for Bruce Springsteen last year. If it’s good enough for the Boss it’s good enough for TKM.

Courtney Barnett - "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party"

Courtney Barnett’s slacker rock stardom is a nice reminder that with good tunes and a good band you can really take the world by storm.

Hiatus Kayote - "Nakamarra"

Damn. These guys are so much better than us.

Camp Cope - "Lost"

More like Camp Dope - great stories and terrific live band.

The Smith Street Band - "Ducks Fly Together"

The Smith Street band are about as Melbourne right now as coffee and smashed avo. These VIC punks have never let us down - “Death to the Lads”

Vaudeville Smash - "Laura"

A tricky band to describe without talking about sex. It’s just that sexy. Sooooo sexy.

Mammal - "Dead"

With the electric Ezekiel Ox at the helm - Mammal are taking the country by storm right now on a reunion tour. Do yourself a favour - Get. Tickets. Now.

Sunnyside - "Space. Time. Feels"

Sunnyside are Melbourne’s best kept secret. Nice and breezy chillin hip-hop vibes. The only thing cooler than this music is the brightly coloured legends who make it.

Check out The Kite Machine's own single Sinister Sound at the end of this playlist, and hit up their website for tour dates and more