Jake Ellis The Bachelorette Star Spills On Dating

Rebecca Varidel
29th Jun 2017

Bachelorette star Jake Ellis is not afraid to be Mr Nice Guy! Whoever said that "nice guys finish last” has clearly never met Jake Ellis!

So we caught up with Jake to find out his Top Five Tips For Romance:

1. Back yourself and read body language. I think the biggest thing for me in meeting someone or romance is the ability to read the situation and the body language of the person you're talking to. The same things don't work for every person. For example, if you're a bit shy usually, find that common ground to make yourself feel at ease with the person. But reading the person's body language, the way they're talking to you or engaging in what you're saying, is one of the biggest signs.

2. Enjoy yourself and laugh. To me the most exciting part about meeting someone new is the very start. Everything you talk about, every little touch, smile, laugh etc. is a first, it's something new. Not every conversation you have with someone you're interested in is to get them into bed. Honestly, a few minutes of laughter, banter and fun with someone you have never met before does more for someone's confidence then anything. Even if you walk away with nothing but a name and a smile, you feel more confident in yourself plus you had some fun. If you meet up with that person again or get their number etc. the ice has already been broken and you have something to build on.

3. Don't force something that's not there. I believe that initial chemistry and attraction to someone is undeniable straight from the start, something that can't be forced. Who wants to be with someone where there is absolutely no spark or minimal. To me it's suppose to be fireworks from the very start, to the point that when you walk away etc. you're that distracted by that person you're almost walking into walls. But if it's not there and it feels awkward etc. don't stress at the end of the day you met someone new or you could be the exception to my way of thinking. haha Nothing worse then long awkward silences in conversation or super forced conversation, this happens but it sucks

4. Just say something them.. What's the worst that could happen? The worst thing that anyone could ever say to you is No they're not interested. Which in the scheme of things might hurt momentarily, but is quickly forgotten. Or the saying 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take' which I feel is the exact same in meeting someone. My Dad taught me this when I was really young and is something that has stuck with me in relationships, meeting new people, romance and any social situation. If you see someone that has your jaw almost hitting the ground or whatever your attraction may be.. use it! Eg. My weakness is amazing eyes or a look, also a scent or even just the way someone holds themselves. If something like this distracts me when meeting someone, without saying like an absolute creep I compliment that and walk away. OR if there is someone you really want to just talk to, walking up to someone and saying 'Look I couldn't help myself I just had to come up and say hi, if I didn't I may never have seen you again." etc etc.

5. Sort of a repeat... But it's so true! Just have fun with it... whether it be meeting someone or showing your romantic side on a date or to someone you're seeing it! Romance is suppose to be fun and exciting! To the point where it is the only thing that you can think of, or that person is the only thing on your mind. If they're not and you're not having fun... then honestly what's the point? Maybe harsh but true... life's too short.

“Tinder has pretty much killed dating … trust me I’ve had some pretty crazy experiences. I just wanna take a real girl out on a date. Face-tuned photos, Insta models and fake profiles has got things all messed up”!

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