Top Ways To Create Space

Rebecca Varidel
11th Jul 2018

I've been seeing all these minimising life posts in my Facebook stream. So it got me thinking. Living in the city we all need more space.

Still online, dedicated digital girl that I am, I Googled 'how to create more space' and came up with this - a Pro Training Basketball YouTube (How To Get Your Shot Off). Not exactly what I was looking for!

So after checking in with a bunch of Sydney experts, I created my own Top Ways To Create Space list. Hope it helps you.

1. Create Your Own Space, Literally

Find a spot that makes you happy and claim it as your own. A window seat that catches the winter sunshine, a chair surrounded by books becomes your library, a beanbag and cushions on an enclosed verandah a meditation space. Add some of your favourite things - whatever they are. Framed family photos, candles, pot plants, cut flowers.

2. Cut The Clutter

This one is easy for me. If I don't use it in a year, out it goes. That's not so easy for some of my friends and family though. If you're a hoarder here's some inspirational push to pass it on. Twice a year minimum, clean it out, take it to the op shop, give someone else a chance to love what you're not using. Go on, schedule it in your calendar now.

3. Regroup

Even if you're having trouble cutting the clutter, grouping items together can create the illusion of more space. Try grouping by colour, or shape. Bring collectables together as displays. There are all sorts of organising nick knacks available; use the space on the back of a door to hang an organiser, add a wardrobe organiser inside your cupboard. The bonus is you not only make space, your things look better, and last longer when they are well looked after.

4. Windows And More

20th Century American architect, Louis Kahn is known for this quote "Architecture is the thoughtful making of space." Thoughtful design in home renovations can open up more space in your life. We like the tips in this article >>

Use Sliding Windows & Doors To Make The Living Area Look More Spacious

Of course, most of our waking hours are spent at work so if you are in charge of the office design, we also recommend these contemporary work place ways to create more space with office partitions.

5. Downtime

Creating space is just not about the material things. Let's face it. Between jobs, family, phone calls, emails, social media, we are always on. Choose a data free day (I turn off all devices every Monday). Take a day of silence. Meditate. Read a book.