Andy Martin's Five Fave Singer-Songerwriters & Troubadours

Rebecca Varidel
18th Aug 2022

Reverie is the debut album of Aussie Andy Martin showcasing chapters of his life as they have come to pass. Covering stories of love, breakups, struggles with mental health and even on occasion, conversations with friends, the Queensland troubadour has penned a record with front-to-back honesty & sublime melodies. The album draws on influences from Spacey Jane, Tyne-James Organ & The Wombats to create an effervescent showcase, setting the tone for the journey & stories that Andy Martin is sharing with audiences.

"Reverie is defined as a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream. I believe this was a fitting single to lead into the album release, as well as an aptly named title. Reverie may touch on personal feelings, but it is really me telling a story from another perspective. This is the track I also centered the album around as I believe it sparked a new direction for the project” explains Andy Martin.

With the album out this week, Sydney Scoop checked in with Andy Martin to find out the singer songwriter's:

Top 5 Favourite Singer-Songwriters & Troubadours

Sam Fender

I really can’t go past Sam Fender ever. He is undoubtably my favourite artist and biggest inspiration for this project. He is a bit of a larrikin and f*** can he write a song. Whether it’s political, about love or just about the world around us caving in, he is a true inspiration. Not only as a person does he inspire me, but just the whole soundscape of his music always gets me going. From guitar sounds, progressions, vocal timbre and all the rest, he is truly inspirational to me. He is the one artist around the world I’d LOVE to play a show with! I watched his Glasto set and had goosebumps the whole time. So bloody good!

Tyne-James Organ

Tyne is a bit of a weapon! He’s cool, calm, collected and can write a killer hook. His latest album meandered through catchy indie pop through to ballad and his voice was really shining through. I think I take a lot melodically from Tyne in my writing and approach to songwriting. The intro to “Honey” just makes me wanna scream and run around like a headless chook in the kitchen dancing.

Gretta Ray


I was a fan of Gretta from the start, even before Drive. I was fortunate to see her most recent Brissy show and she really is an inspiration! I don’t think enough people are on the Gretta Ray train… stopping all stations to pop heaven and banger town! She is going to blow up and be headlining tours around the world in the years to come… I just know it. Not only that, she seems super humble and really is just herself. She puts it all on the table and the music is so so awesome! The way that Gretta so eloquently moves through vocal melodies is nothing short of amazing and I feel myself leaning into that sometimes in my own writing.

Holly Humberstone


I remember falling for Holly’s songwriting in a cafe in the valley when I shazamed her track, “Overkill”. Since then I haven’t stopped listening. I’ve been co-writing with my girlfriend, Maisy Taylor, recently, and we both take a lot from Holly. I can’t wait to see her at Splendour this year! It’s so cool to see her blowing up. I’m here for it. I think melodically and once again in the overall soundscape of her music, I take a lot of inspiration.

Bruce Springsteen

As an indie-guitar pop/rock artist, I don’t think there are many that don’t take inspiration from Bruce Springsteen. He can write an anthemic rock singalong that is unmatchable. I will always strive to write like him. Writing on issues of politics, living in America and then just general love songs, he is really an inspiration. And his guitar tone is always on point.

Andy is hitting Sydney next month - check out

Thurs 8 September The Royal Bondi Bondi Beach / Boondi

Sat 10 September HiWay Bar Enmore / Gadigal

Photo by Darcy Goss