Björk: The Gate

Rebecca Varidel
19th Sep 2017

my healed chestwound
transformed into a gate
where i receive love from
where i give love from
and i
care for you
i care for you

split into many parts
splattered light beams into prisms
that will reunite
if you

care for me
and then i'll care for you

didn’t used to be so needy
just more broken than normal
proud self sufficiency
my silhouette is oval
it is a gate
i can

care for you from

i care for you
you care for me

With lyrics as beautiful as this you might feel that it would be challenging to create a video that represents them, or the esoteric music of Björk, at its best. Enter long time Björk collaborator artist Andrew Thomas Huang, add Gucci’s Alessandro Michele to the mix, and the resultant new video of the Icelandic singer-songwriter is nothing and everything, many worlds many words and in just one mesmerising.

Some fans were able to see the music video early in a London Fashion Week installation by NOWNESS that took place over the weekend.

"The Gate" is available digitally on Pod via Inertia Music now, and on limited edition 12” vinyl this Friday September 22. The song, produced by Venezuelan producer Arca who also worked on her heartbreaking 2015 album Vulnicura is the first from Björk’s ninth studio album, about which she will be releasing details very soon.

Björk has described her new album as her "Tinder album" - a record about rediscovering love after the heartbreak chronicled on its predecessor. "The Gate" is as lush and emotional as you would expect.