Celebrity Theatresports for CanTeen

Rebecca Varidel
31st Aug 2019

CanTeen is here for 12-25 year olds with cancer who've had their world turned upside down.


Sunday 18 August a bunch of celebrities hit the Enmore Theatre stage to raise money while providing boundless laughs from scriptless comedy. As it was impro, there were some surprises on the day.

The winning moment had its replay to close the show. Lion (aka Andrew O'Keefe) went in for the kill!

When it happened first time round it shook us all with surprise and sent the judges scorecards skywards.

If you’ve never seen Theatresports before then you really don't know what it's like to be scared scriptless! Theatresports is on-the-spot, seat-of-the-pants comedy, yet performed at the highest level of skill, and with miraculous comedy timing. Theatresports improvised comedy has a big following and always plays to sell-out crowds!

The good sports that took their scripts off for CanTeen this year included Adam Spencer, Benita Collings, Matt De Groot, Rob Carlton, Andrew O’Keefe, Jioji Ravulo, Nicola Parry and Daniel Cordeaux. Plus a slew of impro comedy legends like Monique Dykstra, Michael Gregory, Jane Watt, Ewan Campbell, Lisa Ricketts, David Callan, Murray Fahey, Josie O’Reily, Rob Johnson and Jeromaia Detto.

Ha Ha Ha they mixed it into six teams with challenges announced by (dressed up) historic hosts Ewan Campbell and Josie O'Reilly (in crinoline). That's part of the fun, playing dress ups. And the dress ups came into play in some of the impro challenges too.

Had the Celebrity Judges, Lyn Pierse, Mary Macrae and Dr Liz Hovey sitting amongst us in the stalls, and the Human Scoreboard, Bonnie Moore, Mitchell Lewin and Louisa Panucci holding up their numbers on the stage.

Hardest moment, holding back tears instead of laughs was when CanTeen Ambassador Joshua Bell busted our safe worlds. Jeez just imagine being a kid who didn't think you were going to get the whole deal. But as Joshua dished out with humour, in the spirit of the comedy day, having cancer also robbed him of being a kid. That's where CanTeen comes in. It's not just about treatments and research and the medical stuff. It's about connecting kids with other kids in the same boat. They help with other important stuff too.

When we were well and truly warmed up after interval the celebrities came out to our seats to cheer on the crowd to bump up the raffle tickets sales to above 6K. That's on top of what was already raised from ticket sales. Shameless plug again here - go to the CanTeen website at the top of the page (or directly below) and donate now if you haven't done so already.


Back to business and the laughs got harder faster smarter, and so did the scores.

It was a close call down to the final two teams who played off in the last challenge. But it was Trapezey Does It - Michael Gregory, Andrew O'Keefe, Jane Watt, and Thomas Cocquerel, who took home the Theatresports Celebrity Cup this year.