Dear Seattle: Daytime TV

Joseph Lloyd
10th Dec 2018

“Lead singer Brae, lead guitarist Lachlan, Jeremy on bass and drummer Josh from the Northern Beaches punk rock band, Dear Seattle just released their new single, ‘Daytime TV’ on triple j’s Good Nights.”

“Musically, I really love this song because it’s the first one where I have written the lyrics and vocal melody first before adding the instruments. I think that gives it such a different feel to most of our songs - it’s a bit faster and wordier, and I feel the lyrics are more subtle than usual.” says vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Brae Fisher. “The whole thing is made to make you want to bop and shout as much as you want to sit still and focus on the nuances.”

“Days 1, 2, 3 are staring at me as I stare at my phone and start pondering” begin the lyrics, as the song takes us inside the mind of a lovestruck lad trying to figure out how to tell the person he’s got the hots for how he feels. “But I know that I should suffer ‘Cause WikiHow is saying that to be a good lover I have to understand my lover’s boundaries”. Its catchy melody is what brings it all together as we listen to the lead vocalists contemplate taking the plunge. Overall, the track is a light hearted feel good song, worthy of a summer’s essential playlist and tasty second entree ahead of the ‘Dont Let Go’ album release next year.

Dear Seattle’s name has no specific meaning though some reminiscent connections through Brae who lived there as a child which was home to a thriving grunge scene in the 1990s. Daytime TV is available on all the usual music channels for purchase, all orders at JB-HI-FI and Amazon come with a free badge pack. The boys are also set for an upcoming show at Moruya Waterfront Hotel on 22 December and their album is set for release 15 February 2019.