Elizabeth Rose: Intra Album Launch

Nicki Alchin
5th Mar 2016

As is true for any milestone in a musician's career, perseverance and good people on your team are essential. This is true of Friday night's celebration to showcase Sydney artist Elizabeth Rose's debut album, Intra.

Lucky for us, Australian indie label Inertia Music tapped into the creative life of Elizabeth Rose some four years ago. At that time she was a suburban bedroom studio artist doing her thing.

Going by the introduction from Mark Dodds, Inertia's spokesperson on the night, nothing much has changed except that Elizabeth Rose now steps into a real recording studio once in a while and has had a haircut. Everything else, especially her knack of producing independent top notch dance tracks full of a groove to wiggle your butt to, remains. 

It was also clear from Mark's words that Inertia was proud to be able to present a musician who is not only talented but approaches the music scene on her own terms. Instantly, I had images of an inspired, creative, elegant, independent, motivated, resourceful, and determined artist.

I was not disappointed. In in the three songs Elizabeth Rose performed, her wonderful qualities were very apparent. She came to the stage in a calm confident manner. Her sincerity to friends, family and the Inertia team for their support and work, shone through and endeared her to everyone.  

Most notably, there was no forced hype, gimmicks, blatant sexuality or in your face screaming of "look at me!". We were presented with a strong, confident, forthright, and elegant presence that reminded me of the innate star quality that some performers have. The merits of her music is what it is all about. 

The chosen songs ("Shoulda Coulda Woulda," "Playing With Fire," "Same Old Song") provided a great sample of what to expect on the album. We witnessed a solo tune, a cool collaboration with a male rapper (some great on stage chemistry), and a song with the four girls that make up The Sirens. The infectious beats soon had us all boogying. 

Elizabeth Rose drew on her love of grooving, and telling a story to give us an authentic performance from her heart. Her elegant poise empowered the audience to appreciate the creativity of the music - to acknowledge the danceable beats and to be swept up in the moment. This is what dance music is all about. We could have been at any club in the world; the songs are accessible to all.  Our inhibitions were loosened and the tracks dissolved the everyday, transporting us to a 6th dimension of happiness. 

The night was a complete hit on every level right down to space we were dancing in - the brand new headquarters of Cake Wines. The building is a rustic history filled warehouse in Redfern with exposed beams and bricks that Cake Wines lovingly restored to house a tasting room and offices. It was uncomplicated yet stylish and captured perfectly the essence of Elizabeth Rose's personality and music.  

Intra is out now on CD and digital formats. She is heading out on tour in June, including a show at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory on June 24