Julian Bull Magic

Rebecca Varidel
12th Jan 2019

Everybody needs a dream, and a bit of magic in their life, we reckon.

Julian Bull Magic is living his dream.

It all started at the age of 13 when his uncle made a coin vanish for him, but refused to explain how. Struck by the magic bug since, Julian has practiced night and day, 365 days a year, for more than 10 years, refining his artform.

More than just perfection through repetition though, magic shows are creative, about ideas that entertain. Julian finds inspiration in his own imagination and through his research of master magicians with his act influenced by names such as T Nelson Downs, Jeff Sheridan, Jim Cellini, Lennart Green, Dani Daortiz, Juan Tamariz and Jim Steinmeyer.  

"I draw inspiration from many great magician's alive and dead, combining old principles and techniques to create new tricks. I mainly want to create a show that is absurd and surreal. In my act I aim to be surprising and funny rather than profound or dramatic. I take simple themes or concepts and try to build routines around them. I might also take a common everyday problem or task and I find a magical solution for it. One might be about recycling garbage, making lunch or gardening" Julian Bull confides.

Julian will deceive/hustle/trick you but you'll love it. And he claims it will be the most intensely magical experience of your life. With all his props either every day objects or made by the young magician, his sleight of hand uses ropes, coins, pencils, paper, balls, cards, cups, spoons, garbage, rubber bands, napkins or pretty much anything.

And even dirt, seeds, and water. Check out his awesome gardening magic on Instagram. Better than Jack In The Beanstalk, you'll never think about gardening the same way again.

He'll borrow things if  he can, and is more than happy to use your deck of cards if you think that is less suspicious.

He's also really funny. And who doesn't love a good laugh?