Lonely LA Able Joseph

Rebecca Varidel
14th Sep 2022

Telling an intimate story about changing lives and circumstance Lonely LA proves Able Joseph’s talent for writing heartfelt mid-tempo classics. The song surrounds the listener with sentimental melodies, captivating production and an outro that begs to be sung by a crowd, acapella into the night sky.

Already racking up a legion of followers (80K+ on Spotify alone), Able is a stellar talent, signed to Sydney indie label Double Drummer, home to Greta Stanley, Dominic Breen and Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird.

"There’s a beautiful side to two people having to adjust to life’s curveballs and facing change as a team — be that changing dreams, homes, realities… this isn’t a love song, it’s a relationship song" says Able, speaking of the tender meaning behind his new single.

There is always a place in my heart for acoustic guitar, and here it weaves this soul tugging song so beautifully with its story. And we feel it. With the bewitching lyrics and voice that beckon us inside. To that loneliness, the melancholy, the change. Ready to hold your heart?

Showcasing his creative spark and versatility as a storyteller, the cosmic journeyman enlisted gifted animators, LA based, award-winning Trevor Conrad and Edinburgh based Karina Budnariu to work with him on the visuals for Lonely LA as part of Able Joseph’s unfolding narrative. Coming together in a sonic union of talented musicians, Lonely LA was produced by Grant Konemann (Glades) in Sydney and off the shoulders of Orion, with mixing and mastering by Matthew Neighbour
(Matt Corby, Tash Sultana).

Single: Lonely LA is out today via Double Drummer.