Sinister Sound Drops Tomorrow

Rebecca Varidel
9th Aug 2018

“Musically, Sinister Sound is our attempt at making the stompiest, loudest, fuzz-on-the-peaches pop song we could manage.”  

Sinister Sound releases via all digital stores tomorrow.

It's a slamming new single from Geelong band The Kite Machine.

Like a brick wrapped in silk THE KITE MACHINE’s new ‘Sinister Sound’ takes heavy rock riffage and delivers it with such a sweet groove that you’ll gladly take the brain hemorrhage for it.

The verses are gooey and sticky like a kids lolly pop, expertly building up the anticipation to the chorus which pays off in spades. Taking cues from The Black Keys and Queens of the Stoneage the chorus will have you reaching for the gear stick to kick into overdrive. Then just when you thought you’d heard all there was, the solo rips whatever brain cells you have left and takes the song into the stratosphere.

Keep a close ear to this one, cause Muse will no doubt be stealing it for their next hit. ‘Sinister Sound’ is equal parts rocktastic, thunderous groove and pop hit and will be on your stereo mixtape for a long time to come.

Their 2015 EP LUNATICS had two singles top the Triple J Unearthed overall charts, whilst 2016 single Charlotte has topped over 300k streams on Spotify alone, marking the beginning of their astronomical rise on the Aussie music scene. Having previously shared stages with Pierce Brothers, Kingswood and Stonefield the band are no strangers to taking on big stages and big crowds and are excited to head on on the road for their Sinister Sound headline tour.

Sydney, catch them at Frankie's October 11.