Tiny Stadiums Erskineville Live Arts Saturdays

Rebecca Varidel
11th Nov 2014

Bring it to the people. Community performance. This is what we love about Sydney.

As part of the Tiny Stadiums Live Arts Saturdays program 15th and 22nd November midday to 5pm - produced by PACT Centre for Emerging Artists - the following artists will be situated in and around Erskinville village to engage with and entertain audiences. Go!

A Manual For Time Travel : Frances Barrett

A sound piece for the audience to download and listen to while walking around Erskinville and travelling between the various works of art of the Tiny Stadiums Festival. With a set of sonic instructions on how to become a time traveller who can move between past, present and future, A Manual For Time Travel is a performance of transmissiom - performance without site, without bodies, without a programmed beginning or a finite end.

Love Is For The Fortunate : Lottie Consalvo

Love Is For The Fortunate is a site specific, durational performance piece dealing with comfort and love, in contrast to the discomfort felt by detainees in Australian operated detention centres.

Fantasy Light Yoga : Deep Soulful Sweats

A dark yogic disco performance, a little bit yoga, a little bit Jane Fonda, a little bit interpretive dance, a little bit deep house. Exorcise through exercise, embrace the inner chaos, the darkness and the light.

Girls To The Front : Hissy Fit

Hissy Fit brings 'girls to the front' by inviting women to engage with and celebrate the assertive and defiant parts of their identities. For Tiny Stadiums 2014, Hissy Fit invite women to take part in a large scale, all female choreographed head-banging performance and video installation.

Story Title : Mook Gwah Institute

The Mook Gwah Insitute intends to make real estate UN-real by blurring the lines between financial speculation as engaging in risk for profit and arbitrary valuation, and speculation through memory and story telling.

The Peoples Weather Report

The Peoples Weather Report is a response to the enormity of global climate change, from a number of very personal perspectives. This project invites local and global residents to write and broadcast their own weather report around the world.

Julie and Susie & Co - Let Them Eat Cake : Cake Action

Let Them Eat Cake is a way of sharing ideas, memories and recipes that express the visions and the voices of the people. During Tiny Stadiums, Erskineville residents, community groups and businesses are invited to share their cake recipes, ingredients and their socio-political concerns and aspirations through cake decorating workshops.

Photo credit Eliza Dyball