Attempts On Her Life

Nicki Alchin
23rd Jul 2022

The beauty of Martin Crimp's Attempts On Her Life is that you can very easily create a sub-text to fit your own point of reference. Even though the play was written a quarter of a century ago, the underlying cynicism and skepticism that pervades our society as a whole surrounding the use of media and marketing to reinvent oneself and situations, manipulate points of view, create mystery and/or sympathy, and to skew perception, still exists. The fact is, it has probably increased tenfold because of social media. Crimp has exposed in a highly provocative, at times shocking script, our vulnerability as a society to be swayed by popular culture and spin and to not always be able to put our finger completely on the truth of an idea, an identity, a timeline of events.

These concepts have been channeled by Crimp into the story of one girl, Anne. He has presented a string of varying 'Anne' personas as a display of how easily the manipulation of facts can occur, either through an internal choice or via outside forces such as media and marketing.

Audiences will experience thought provoking and intelligent dialogue, shock tactic tools of theatre and gutsy sincere acting via a five person ensemble in this Montague Basement/Bakehouse Theatre Company production of Attempts on Her Life. Each actor has been expertly guided by director, Saro Lusty-Cavallari, to extend beyond their comfort zones to give a courageous performance.

This current production of Crimp's classic play will grab your attention and make you realise that this type of post modernism live theatre is the antidote to a world of mass produced emotions and thoughts.

Don't miss seeing Lucy Burke, Bridget Haberecht, Lucinda Howes, Josephine Lee, and Ebony Tucker in Attempts On Her Life now playing until 30 July at KXT, Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel.