HMO 'Fake'

Rebecca Varidel
9th Mar 2021

HMO is a South Coast MC, musician and producer whose music aims to deliver funking beats with a distinct social and political message. With an organic fusion of instrumentation and electronic elements, his music channels a range of genres from early funk and soul to reggae and blues.

Only a recent discovery after the release of distinctive Australiana 2019 EP Heightened Modus Operandi ~ Sydney Scoop is totally taken by the music, beats and deeply insightful messages of new single Fake which was launched at Unanderra at the end of last month.

Fake captures the voice and mood of our time, with powerful punches blended with caresses of easy listening to align with the pulse of 2021. HMO is back with a bang with this latest single featuring Gee Mary.

A sexily soulful beat and R&B-inspired melody welcomes the track as HMO’s sharp-witted lyrics question what has happened to society as we know it, asking whether we’ve all become lost in this never-ending circle of lies that have become the norm.

Vocalist Gee Mary’s honeyed vocals drop in with a gorgeous three-part harmony that is sure to get stuck in your head for days as a funk-laden guitar riff brings it all to a heady climax. The perfect 2021 track to reflect on the year past and look towards what the new year will bring.

Both hailing from the South Coast of NSW, HMO and Gee Mary came together a couple of years ago to lay down the new track, but it wasn't until now that it felt like the right time to release it.

Dealing with the falsities and pretence that infiltrate everyday life, from the rise of fake news to false values that compromise morals and humanity, Fake takes an introspective look at the way we judge others before realising the imperfections within ourselves.

“In a world where pretence seems to be the norm, we search for this false sense of approval. Our whole moral compass has been shifted and our values seem to be lost. The track deals with this and how we are all guilty of being pretentious in our own right, and how this struggle often puts us in a state of confusion,” explains HMO.