Loire Valley Bastille Festival Weekend

Natasha Ciesielski
10th Jul 2024

This month wines from the Loire Valley will feature at the Bastille Festival (11 - 14 July) with a bar dedicated to the premium French wine region.

France is known for producing exquisite world class wines with the Loire Valley considered a wine lover’s paradise due to its abundant and unique wine diversity.

Referred to as the garden of France, the Loire is the third largest appellation wine region in France. It stretches over 800 kilometers along the Loire River, encompassing a range of climates and terroirs that produce an array of wine styles. There are three distinct wine regions within the Loire - Pays Nantais, Anjou-Saumur and Touraine - each with its own characteristics of grapes, appellations and styles. Evidence of winemaking in the Loire dates back to the first century AD Roman times. Today, over 250 million bottles of wine from Loire are sold each year (that’s 8 bottles sold per second!), from sparkling to crisp Sancerre whites, to robust and fruity reds, fresh roses and even sweet wines.

The Loire Wine Bar will offer wines from an variety of styles, allowing patrons the opportunity to taste their way through the Loire.

The region’s largest winegrowing area Pays Nantais - the Domaine du Fief aux Dames, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie 2023 is a beautiful example of the regions’ wines: a clean, bright and zippy white with a slight citrus undertone.

The Touraine vineyards have a reputation for producing strong, fruit driven and minerally wines. Fans of bubbles will love the sparkling Quinze Arpents, Vouvray Brut. The dry, silky-soft wine has apple notes and a pleasant finish.

If you adore Rosé you’ll swoon over the Robert et Marcel Reserve de Vignerons, Rosé de Loire 2022, from the rich soil vineyards of Anjou-Saumur with red-berry flavours and a dry, light body.

After an easy-drinking red wine? The Domaine du Petit Clocher, Anjou Rouge 2023 with beautiful notes of cooked black fruit underscored by a touch of liquorice, is the perfect choice for winter red. The Anjou Rouge is 100 per-cent Cabernet Franc - the Loire’s signature red variety.

The bar will also be participating in the festival’s ‘Tour de France of Wine Regions’ (the 1.4Km Bastille Wine Walk) - festival-goers only need to show their pre-purchased wine passport (available through the Bastille Festival website) and receive a glass of premium Loire wine.

Wine glass prices range from $7 for a half glass to $15 for a full glass.

Find Loire Wines Bar at Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Sydney 2000


Thursday 11/07 from midday – 10pm

Friday 12/07 from 10am – 11pm

Saturday 13/07 from 10am – 11pm

Sunday 14/07 from 10am – 8pm

l*LOW SENSORY HOURS : 10am to midday

'quiet hours” where music and lights will be reduced to create a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

Tickets for the Bastille Wine Walk 》 bastillefestival.com.au/bastille-wine-walk-the-rocks-sydney/ 

For more information on the Bastille Festival visit 》 bastillefestival.com.au/