Thuy Huong

Jackie McMillan
30th Jun 2024
This one is for the bánh mì lovers: head to Thuy Huong in Marrickville for a variant on this popular street food. They’re serving spicy bánh mì que ($5). The ‘que’ translates to stick, referring to the longer, thinner baguette-like shape of these offerings. They’re smeared in fatty pork pate, dusted in pork floss, and drizzled with chilli sauce after being crisped up. They eat much less messily than their salad-filled counterparts, so are ideal for a walking snack.  With this in mind the shop has been set up with a street-side Bain-Marie for the grab’n’go crowd. However to do so would be to miss out on their excellent bánh xèo tôm thịt ($17) or crispy pancake. This turmeric-hued beauty arrives filled with prawns and slices of roast pork belly, with a selection of leaves and herbs, and a dressing that uses their home-made fish sauce. The other highlight here is the coconut iced coffee ($7) served in a takeaway container regardless of whether you opt to take away or dine in. It’s rich and satisfying with enough caffeine to power you through the weekly shopping trip.