Ken’s Humble Pie Shop

Jackie McMillan
22nd Jun 2024

From the first superheated squirt of prawn bisque onto the roof of my mouth, I knew I was onto a winner. The garlic prawn pie ($8.30) at Ken's Humble Pie Shop in The Entrance is a ripper! It’s chock full of toothsome crustaceans in a shell-heavy orange garlic sauce. The pastry is short without being punishingly so: firm on the bottom and fluffy up top. It held up almost to the last bite of this wetter-than-most pie. The steak and potato pie ($6.90) was super beefy: full of finely diced steak under a tidy whirl of mash. Structural integrity was even better on this pie. 

The shop itself is, as the name implies, a humble affair. Streetside tables give you an opportunity to eat in while your pie is at its best, with napkins at the ready on a table by the door. As you wait for your selection to be plucked from the orderly rows of pies (fully stocked for when they open at 7am) you can watch big silver pots cooking down fillings and white-clad bakers working with freshly rolled pastry making the next wave of pies.