Rebecca Varidel
6th Jul 2016

You know the concept don't you? The little covered domes of food come along the conveyor belt train, with different plates of different colours different prices. You're thinking sushi, right? Well now in Crows Nest the food train is Mediterranean. Or should we say MediTrainean? Yeup, that's the restaurant name.

Train plates are $4.90 and $6.90. MediTrainean potters along at a nice pace with enough time to peruse through the dome, and enough time to think and then grab your selection. We started with beautiful Mixed olives marinated in dried herbs, olive oil and zesty orange peel.

Small Plates $6.90 and Grills Meat $9.90 Seafood $12.90 are made to order. So you can snack or share.

MediTrainean is licensed with a small but thoughtful selection of international wines, and all are available by the glass. Our choice of Marrenon Grand Toque Rose, Luberon France ($7.50/$38) was a fine choice to compliment our meandering hot potch of food choices sitting somewhere in the middle.

While the Mediterranean train, with stools on one side and adjacent tables and chairs on the other, commands the length of the sparkling white upstairs restaurant there is also a large downstairs area, for seating inside or on the balcony, which can be also used for functions. Both areas of the Chatswood restaurant are able to order directly from the kitchen.

MediTrainean have also put together some Feasts For Two. The namesake MediTrainean (seafood) rolls in at $120 and for that you get flatbread, choice of 2 dips, 2 salads, 2 small plates, the full range of 4 seafood grills, finished with a choice of 3 desserts. The Adriatic (meat & seafood) is $85, The Balkan (mea)t $75 or the small Montenegro grazing option is $55.

To be honest, most of the food is quite good. It's well seasoned and thoughtfully crafted but there are some dishes that shine more than others. Our top picks were all of the dips ($4.90 each) with flatbread ($2); the Vine leaves ($6.90) were just right to follow; Spiced carrot, chickpea crumbled feta, sultanas, toasted almonds, mint, garlic, honey & dukkah salad ($6.90) was a nice combo; Fishcakes fresh Atlantic salmon, potato, onion, celery, carrots, lemon zest, parsley & dill mousse were lovely, with great texture and flavour, and nicely seasoned. Cold pasta doesn't appeal to us so we didn't try it. The Meatballs were a bit lacking some kind of oomph, and the Calamari didn't reach any great heights, though both were satisfying enough. And after testing such a number of train dishes and small plates we didn't leave enough room to try any of the Made To Order Grills.

Yet of course we bunkered down and ate all of the desserts! There are four choices ($6.90 each), all are on the train, and all hit the bulls eye, but best of all was the really lovely Roast quince with crème fraiche and rose petals. It was the perfect way to end a long lunch.

Family owned business MediTrainean is located at 55 Alexander Street Crows Nest and is recommended for a quick bite or for leisurely grazing if you are in the area.