Yin Malaysian Restaurant

Jackie McMillan
22nd Jun 2024
Colour me excited about a Malaysian restaurant popping up in Hurlstone Park. Owner Lily Lo is from Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, and with the help of chef Jackie, she’s putting out a handwritten menu of Malaysian-Chinese favourites at Yin Malaysian Restaurant. Being from a fishing village, seafood is well-represented on the menu, with some items like pipis and mud crab necessitating a call to order in advance before 1pm on the day you wish to dine. A big Malaysian family from Malacca was taking advantage of this on the evening I visited.  Squid ($25.80), served deep-fried and doused in initially sweet Singapore chilli sauce is something you can order in situ. Ditto soft shell crab ($23.80) that’s enjoyable in saucy salted egg eaten over reasonably priced bowls of Hainan chicken rice ($3.50). Despite the seafood focus, it’s the dark and well-integrated curry beef ($16.80) that will draw us back. It arrives with a roti for that price, with an extra one able to be added on for four bucks. While the roti are more crisp than I prefer, they’re still great drowned in the gravy of this standout curry.   Adorning the two-tone aqua and white walls of this simple space are images of the dishes in case you need more inspiration. You’ll find all the usual Malay favourites from laksa to char kway teow to chicken satay served with crisp onion and cucumber and a pot of well-reduced satay sauce ($13.80/4). Prices are very reasonable price especially when you factor in being able to BYO.