China Tang

Jackie McMillan
15th Jun 2024

Joining the array of fast-casual pre-cinema options in Regent Place Shopping Centre, China Tang is a small but attractively kitted out space where you can enjoy a bowl of Lanzhou beef noodles. Created by the Hui people in northwest China during the Tang dynasty, Lanzhou beef noodle soup is one of the oldest beef noodle soups around. 

Here spicy beef noodles ($18.80) arrives as a consommé (clear broth) with (usually halal) beef slices (it’s a Chinese-Muslim dish), spicy oil, and hand-pulled noodles. Coriander and shallots are optional add-ons. Made without soy sauce, it’s one of the lighter flavoured Chinese soups I’ve tried: even the chilli initially felt muted though fire did follow. We took ours with triangular hand-stretched noodles: they offer up six different types. We tried wide noodles in the signature braised beef dry noodles ($19.80) with steamed bok choy and I found them a more enjoyable shape. Again, this was a gently-flavoured, healthy dish that warranted a heavy helping of the aromatic, on-table chilli sauce.