Satisfying Taiwanese Bento

Jackie McMillan
26th Jun 2024
We visited Satisfying Taiwanese Bento for a Just Liquor whisky dinner, so my meal doesn’t look quite like yours will. However being given a mixed plate entree and customised bento did afford me the opportunity to graze across a large swathe of the well-priced menu. The Taiwanese five spice pork roll ($9.80), wrapped in crisp bean curd skin, was particularly tasty; as was the sweet-edged Taiwanese sausage ($9.80). Braised fried tofu ($6.80) exploded with ginger making it a good digestive aid against all the meat. Our plate also included slices of braised boneless pork hock ($8.80) and soy sauce chicken.  In our individual bento boxes (normally priced between $13.80 and $18.80) we had a selection of nicely-seasoned Taiwanese fried chicken, tart sweet and sour pork, spicy wontons filled with pork, prawn and chives, sautéed string beans, and tiny pots of pickled cabbage to cut through the richness. Small bowls of braised pork rice ($11.80) were passed separately, and particularly enjoyable to eat against the onslaught of booze.  The Scottish whiskies for this dinner were supplied by Rolling Cask under the Kung Fu and Fire labels. This company specialises in single cask bottlings of fine Scotch single malt whiskies. The star of this particular dinner was the Rolling Cask Fire Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (RRP $236/500ml). This cask strength (56.6%) Tomintoul whisky was put into a Pedro Ximinez hogshead cask in 2005 and bottled four years ago. It’s got good colour from the sherry cask, and a lovely complexity with vegetal characters, buttery toast, and some white pepper. Despite the alcohol intensity, it’s easy to enjoy without adding water.