Sydney’s Top Five Places To Eat On A Rug

Christina Batista
18th Jan 2016

Let me start off by saying I am a sucker for a good picnic. See for me there is nothing more relaxing than heading over to a beautiful park with luscious green grass under foot and old trees filled with singing birds, the laughter of Children in the distance and a good book. Can you picture it? Laying on a picnic blanket glass of bubbly in one hand and a spread of delicious food to pick at while you waste away the afternoon with loved ones. All this sounds perfect, right? But finding that perfect picnic spot can be hard, and most of the good places are already filled with other like-minded souls. Here are some of my favourite places; hopefully you can discover your new favourite picnic destination.

Centennial Park:
Lets start off with Sydney’s favourite park! Centennial Park is popular among Sydney Siders and tourists alike and here is why. Firstly it’s HUGE, so there are plenty of places to rest your blanket whether it’s by the lake, under a tree or in the middle of a filed. If having a lazy day isn’t your cup of tea that’s not a problem there are so many activities you wont know what to do first, plus there are a number of parks for the little ones. There are BBQ facilities, along with a Café and to top it all off there is plenty of parking! What’s not to love?

Royal Botanical Gardens:
This not so little gem is located smack bang in the city, although you would be forgiven if you completely forgot this fact while enjoying your day in the sun in this 40 hectare slice of heaven that Sydney has to offer. You could easily go back time and time again to explore new areas, or go back a visit your favourite picnic spot either way I promise you will discover something new and exciting. The Royal Botanical gardens has a beautiful rich history that you can learn about on one of your visits but if history isn’t your thing why not explore the many gardens. Whether you want to bring a packed picnic or grab a bite to eat from the kiosk The Royal Botanical Gardens is well worth a visit for your next picnic.

Lane Cove National Park:
Headed North? The Lane Cove National Park is one spot that I love to visit. There are over 25 picnic spots here, meaning you never be short on a new place to picnic when visiting here! There is a $7 vehicle charge, but I honestly cannot think of $7 better spent. My favourite thing to do while at The Lane Cove National Park is head over to the boat shed and hire a rowboat for a few hours, its incredible romantic and you can always reenact the Rowboat scene from The Notebook! If that’s not your thing than there are the countless walking tracks you can discover or there is always laying on your picnic blanket and doing absolutely nothing but relax.

Nurragingy Reserve:
Nurragingy Reserve is probably one of the best-kept secrets in Sydney. Located in Western Sydney this is one is sure to impress! Whenever I want to take a local Sydney Sider somewhere they haven’t been before this is my go to place and within minutes Nurragingy has won over yet another fan. Nurragingy Reserve is a great family spot and when you have active Children who find it hard to sit still its nice to know that you can bring them here and let them ride around on their skateboard or bikes on assigned tracks. There are many BBQ spots surrounded by native trees here and along with covered pavilions for those really hot Summer Days. There is quite possibly something for everyone, so all the family will be happy when you visit here.

Stanwell Park:
If you’re after a day trip out of Sydney, and lets face it as much as we love this city sometimes we need to get away, then Stanwell Park is where you have to go! With the breathtaking 1hr drive from Sydney CBD it’s the perfect get away location. Stanwell Park is the perfect combination of Relaxing Picnic Spot (Which I love) and Pristine Beach (Which my Children love) all incased by beautiful native bushland. Yes there are your typical BBQ facilities, along with nearby cafes and views to die for as well as play equipment for kiddies, but for me what makes Stanwell Park so magical is watching the hand gilders take flight off the cliff face! Stop at Bald Hill on the way back to Sydney for an Ice Cream and may I suggest driving there through the National Park and then the Coastal Route home. Trust me when I say this is a day trip you wont forget anytime soon!

Words by Christina Batista

Photo by Josephine Ki