Caravãna Sun

Rebecca Varidel
16th May 2018

Raucous indie surf rockers Caravãna Sun have today announced their next romp with the infectious new single Beauty and The Pain, set for release on May 25th.

Written to celebrate the good and the bad times, Beauty and Pain was produced by the legendary Steven Schram (The Cat Empire, San Cisco, Paul Kelly). It's an mellow hook-driven romp in both sand and water; undeniably modern, with a tight, interesting arrangement and a vocal melody that worms itself into your head and refuses the leave.

Caravãna Sun is Luke Carra (guitars, vocals), Ant Beard (bass, vocals), Alex Dumbrell (drums, percussion), and Ken Allars (trumpet, keys).

Existing fans of the world-fuelled rebellious Caravãna Sun will not be disappointed by this new offering, as it shines a light on their lovable knack for catchy indie-rock, however new and old fans alike will be impressed by their ability to evolve as songwriters with each new release.

“(Beauty and The Pain is about) knowing that in the shit times, there's always a splitting ray of beauty, like the fierce glow of your angry lover. It's the cheeky smile you can’t help but let out, it’s the knowing that where there's pain, there's beauty” Ant Beard unfolds the inspiration behind the song.

We all kinda need that sunshine sometimes. The reminder that yang and yin, there's holding us up even in pain. Thanks lads. We'll let the music do it.

The clip for Beauty and The Pain is a homemade gift – it’s always interesting for listeners to watch how their favourite songs have come together, and this video provides just that. It’s heartwarming and fun; Caravãna Sun are clearly not just a band, but a bunch of close friends as well, and it’s a pleasure to watch them work together. Speaking on the clip, Ant says, "Beauty and the Pain has been written out of a completely new approach to creating music in Caravãna Sun. What better way to capture great footage than film people completely out of their comfort zone! We brought a camera along to document this song’s journey and most of all, see the band transform into this new sound.”

Beauty and The Pain is out May 25th. The group have also announced a video to accompany the track, directed by Jay Wennington at Bad Seed, the vid documents the creative process behind Beauty and The Pain and gives fans special insight into its conception.