All Night Cine-Love @ Sydney Festival

Rebecca Varidel
26th Apr 2019

All Night Cine-Love In overnight 8 to 9 June (10pm to 7.30am) is an all-night film extravaganza as part of The 66th Sydney Film Festival.

Screening at the all-night session are legendary filmmaker David Lynch’s cult classic Eraserhead (1977), filled with dark humour, gore and eroticism in glorious black and white; and one of the most controversial films in cinema history, radical Japanese director Nagisa Oshima’s In the Realm of the Senses (1976), an uncompromising study of sexual obsession based on a true incident.

Golden Globe-nominated actor Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) stars in O Lucky Man! (1973), a more-than-twisted tale of a man’s rise to the top and down again, from UK Free Cinema legend Lindsay Anderson (If…); and the fabulously foul Divine stars in John Waters’ low budget trash spectacular Female Trouble (1974), poking fun at femininity, family and fame.

Curated by the Festival’s Programs Manager Jenny Neighbour, this special event celebrates her 30th Festival with four weird and wonderful films that changed her cinematic worldview.

“These films hark back to my time as an arts student in London in the early '80s and discovering the capital's legendary Scala Cinema – a true movie treasure trove, from the days when films weren’t accessible online or even in stores. It’s there I discovered that films could be provocative, trashy, surreal, troubling, and not always in English,” Sydney Film Festival Head of Programs Jenny Neighbour said.

“With 30 Sydney Film Festivals under my belt, I wanted to celebrate that time; the moment when cinema truly opened its doors to me,” she said. “This All Night Cine-Love In may change your cinematic world, and if it doesn’t… well, it’s going to be a great night at the movies.”

At Sydney Film Festival, Jenny is responsible for programming documentaries, short films, and the First Nations program. She also works closely with the Festival Director on curating retrospective and special focus strands, and manages the Festival’s programming teams, including the Freak Me Out and Screenability programs. Flexipasses and subscriptions to Sydney Film Festival 2019 are on sale now. The full Sydney Film Festival program is announced on Wednesday 8 May 2019.