Motimaru Dance Company

Rebecca Varidel
15th May 2018

Motimaru Dance Company based in Berlin, bridges Japanese butoh, contemporary performing art, eastern philosophy, local and ritual dances of the world, will be presenting their two latest work Twilightand MUT soon in Sydney in Old 505 Theatre.

Keeping the roots into the butoh founders´ work and contextualising it in a wider performance dance scene drawing pathways toward the future, the choreographers and dancers Motoya Kondo and Tiziana Longo have been studying in Japan and sharing their works for 10 years now.

"Twilight" is a rare chance to experience their visually striking dance performance as a profound ancient and cathartic world in which the audience is included in a Emphatic ritual space where the borderline of the self start fading and the dualism in between melting.

The dancers and audience, man and woman, human and animal, life and death, everything and nothing, start blurring into vague forms where all the boundaries, contours, shapes and colours disappear altogether.

Like a mirage a new landscape comes to life, a sacred cave for the audience where to enter, that functions through the dance as a mirror for the audience to reflect on . The original movement vocabulary rich of strong images and their aesthetics is a polyphonic pure motion, like an unceasing stream, overcoming any ordinary rhythm and choreography and where the real and the mythical intermingle, beyond consciousness. The piece intends to offer a refuge for contemporary society that is fulfilled with conflicts between individuals, countries, and religions, by connecting back to deep physical reality and to even more profound dream-like transient world.

In "MUT" the cave become true as an huge installation made of Newspapers by the Scenographer Hidemi Nishima.

And the intangible body become tangible, concrete and contextualised.

A living newspaper from which a beautified black rose woman ( Costume by Jean Beissel) takes life from.

The piece recall the attention of the Media and the citizens. In MUT (title recalling the Egyptian Mother Goddess is a mother on stage.
Where she comes from? and where she is going to, through? what have her eyes seen, experienced on which audience can reflect? Shifting from personal to public news, this piece is a collective solo that includes stories from many women of different countries and cultures that come to be taken as icons and represent the contradicted faces of our society. Against all kind of razism, abuse, domination, manipulation.
It encourages new actions toward children, woman, human rights, healing, transformation and dignity.

An earthquake, a woman abused and burnt, children starving, a terror attack. "Oh, poor them" "I am sorry"... How often do we read news without having an idea of the depth of that reality? We are used to hear such news and then throw away the newspaper and continue the daily life as always. But what if the newspaper could take life?

With an original light design of Masaru Soga Both pieces are empowered by the enchanting soundtrack of Hoshiko Yamane, solo Violinist of Tangerine dream with a brilliant wide career Music of "Mut" is already released and the cd of "Twilight" will be released this November.

The company will offers 4 different workshops for professionals as well as for curious joiners interested in butoh and body-mind-space.
Sensations, emotions, imaginations and the inner higher qualities of the human nature come to be disclosed, expanded transformed in a human poetry.

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5 Eliza Street

Open during show seasons only:

Tue – Sat from 8pm