Murmurations First Nations Art Installation

Rebecca Varidel
7th Mar 2023

Murmurations opening on 30 March at the Hyde Park Barracks, is a new art installation by commissioned First Nations artist, Tony Albert and Sāmoan - Australian artist,  Angela Tiatia with creatives Lillie Madden, Alina Olivares-Panucci and Corin Ileto. The collaborative work responds creatively to the site and its multifaceted history.

Murmuration: ‘a low murmuring sound created by a large group of birds, usually starlings, flying and changing direction together’.

Murmurations art installation brings together First Nations perspectives from Australia and the Pacific to explore the history of the Barracks as a site of migration. The work takes inspiration from natural connections and cultural knowledge offering audiences new perceptions about the site’s relevance today.

Artists‘ statement, ‘Murmurations centres around exploration and encounters; not ones met through politics, war or conflict, but through love, ceremony and engagement. It asks what we have to give to one another, rather than what we want to take away. Through exploring the themes of migration and coming together, Murmurations provokes understanding and invites audiences to listen, learn and appreciate.’

The multisensory experience incorporates original audio, illustration, video and photography including 3D digital scans of world-recognised, archaeologically significant artefacts from the Hyde Park Barracks collection.