The Living End, It's All New

Nicki Alchin
12th Jul 2018

The Living End – it’s all new - new single, album and national tour

Wunderbar – a raw, back to basics album recently recorded in Berlin by festival favourites The Living End, will be launched worldwide through BMG on 28 September 2018 safely in time for a quick tour round the countryside in November prior to festival season getting into full flight mode for the Australian summer of 2018/19.

The first single to be lifted from the album, Don’t Lose It, with its punchy lyrics and hooks is reminiscent of White Noise, that firm rock anthem favourite of both general rock enthusiasts and Living End fans. The video clip is a simple, stark montage of the song’s lyrics with static and interference as a background feature. Listeners can switch off and focus on diving head first into the rock anthem space. Formats available are vinyl, digital and CD with a bonus DVD being

All in all, Wunderbar is all about keeping true to the band’s roots. Front man, Chris Cheney explains this motivation quite succinctly when he says, “we’re not trying to re-write Dark Side of the Moon or anything. Instead, Wunderbar does what The Living End do best, what’s kept hundreds of thousands of fans listening for nearly a quarter of a century: straightforward, heart-pounding, guns blazing rock and roll. I cannot wait to hit the road and get loud!”

Tickets for the November tour go on sale at 9am (local time) this Friday, 13 July 2018. For Sydney Scoop readers, go to Ticketek.

Punters will be in for an added treat as Adelaide’s West Thebarton will be joining The Living End. Anyone who has heard West Thebarton’s debut album Different Beings Being Different will understand full well that November is going to be one hell of a rock n roll month around this big wide country.

Starting on November 1, the tour will be stopping off at Australia’s five major theatres, The Tivoli (Brisbane), The Enmore (Sydney), The Forum (Melbourne), Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide), and Metropolis (Fremantle).