Kara's Vanguard Pride Soiree

Joseph Lloyd
7th Mar 2023

Kara Zmatiq has come along way since she got our attention on reality televison.

After a jam packed calendar of performances across Sydney and Melbourne, she ended the pride season with a one-off show, Pride Soiree at The Vanguard in Newtown.

Promising a night of titillation and thrills, it was teased to be "Sequin-dipped and muscle-ripped, heart-racing and sexually arousing..." and made the perfect comeback to the drag scene after a two year hiatus.

Hosting and producing the show herself, Kara Zmatiq's edge in the drag queen scene is her ability to belt out the notes that many in the genre lip sync bringing to the table unmatchable vocal acrobatics required to the gay anthem filled sound tracks with songs by Cher, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Gloria Gaynor. It’s a love note to old fans in Sydney as she brought together an ensemble of friends and colleagues to take Cabaret to new heights of excitement.

We haven’t seen Porcelain Alice since her appearance at the Archie Brothers / Hijinx Launch last year and it was a lovely surprise being mesmorised by her stage seduction full of ‘cheek’. Contortionist, Tro, provides an answer to Alice’s spellbinding performance with unnatural yet captivating sprawls into front benders, back benders and splits.  

Weaved perfectly between each act Kara Zmatiq added comic relief with a costume change welcomed with applause and cheers with each power number performed on stage and through the crowd. As did drag king, Hank who rounded off the troupe nicely with the well thought out curation.   

Proudly gay and partnered, a nice touch to the cast was Kara’s first and only 'heterosexual' love as a teen, Laura who paid tribute to Kylie Minogue in her welcomed rendition of "Can't get you out of my head".  Keeping it in the family, Kara's partner Patrick Glanville provided backstage tech support and led the cheer squad of revellers.

In terms of thrills, it came from the unpredictability in Tyler Heath the showstopping circus performer.  Wavering between staccato and rapid drops, slides and glides up and down the aerial silk strap and suspended hoola hoop his stunt work left the audience gasping for more.

A fun night of love and laughter, this visit with the drag scene’s old friend was a great way to end the Sydney World Pride Season.

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