Wild Honey: In Your Head

Josh Pike
31st Oct 2017

Wild Honey are an indie rock band hailing from Sydney and are led by singer/songwriter Thom Moore previously of Mercy Arms. Initially forming in 2015, the band have found some initial success getting some radio play after being featured on Triple J Unearthed. They have also been working hard touring as a support act, playing shows across Australia over the last year. Their debut 12 track album “In Your Head” was recorded in early 2017 and is set for release in November.

On listening to In Your Head it’s apparent these guys have nailed the timing of the album’s release as it has a real warm, summer day at the beach vibe. Laid back, light pop rock which could easily be the background soundtrack to weekend get togethers, and blissed out summer afternoons. Songs of warm emotions, youthful exuberance, lofty aspirations, and of love.

The album has a few stand out tracks, opening with "Break Away," which is an uplifting call for change. To break away from an ordinary life - something a lot of us aspire to do. It's a strong track which works well with soaring guitars and Thom’s airy vocals. "Guardian" also stands out as a soundtrack to blossoming love. A song for a new relationship, a song to sing whilst looking into each other's eyes declaring to keep each other safe and be each others guardian angels. It could easily have been a bit sappy, but again with Thom's vocals and the laid back acoustic guitars it’s simple and effective. "Pull It Together" is a nice track of friendly advice to help someone overcome heartbreak, motivating them to carry on.

Wild Honey have definitely made an album all of their own, apart from the track "Take My Word" which stood out mostly because of its similarities to T-Rex’s "Cosmic Dancer" in its styling and sound. Though it definitely sits in the easy listening category, they have explored and created a unique sound in a very subtle manner. There are no pretensions or swagger to be found here, nor is there any gritty edge to this album. The sound production is consistent throughout; the songs flow together making this more of a sound track rather than a bunch of singles.

Having seen them perform at the Oxford Art Factory last year supporting Twin Peaks, In Your Head also captures the essence of the band and their sound and is a good indication of what to expect live.

On their first full length album Wild Honey offer a warm summertime feel which is both accessible and easy listening. It explores themes that will be relatable to most of us, songs about everyday experiences and aspirations, songs of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that occur “In Your Head”. It’s a must for those who enjoy jangly guitars and laid back harmonies to play in the background of a summertime BBQ get together.

In Your Head is out on Friday November 3rd. Wild Honey are celebrating the launch of the album with a show at The Lansdowne Hotel on November 17th.