Luminosity and Momentum by Rob Love and SoonHoe

@ Black Eye Gallery


Black Eye Gallery hosts a conceptually vivid exhibition by Melbourne-based photographic artists SoonHoe and award-winning Rob Love.

Their emotive images were created from delicate environments.

Rob Love creates breathtaking photographs of the natural interplay of water and light found on the shores of Brighton, Melbourne. He found it surprising to discover the light dance hidden in waves penetrated by rays from a setting sun. Often, he has come back from a photo session astonished with the results.

Rob’s striking colours are complemented by SoonHoe’s black and white visuals. His work portrays synchronised movement between the translucence of ocean waves and schools of wild fish on the shores of Malaysian fishing islands. Consequently, he produces still images that invoke graceful movement.

Often commented as painting-like, both bodies of work were chiefly created using in- camera techniques.

With the changing environment, these images bring a new significance to both artists.

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Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm