Nepali Food Festival

@ Belmore Park

Editor's Pick

Do you know what momos are? Have you ever eaten them? If you haven't well here is your chance at the all day Tasting Nepal festival this Saturday.

There are in fact a whole lot of different regional cuisines in Nepal and a lovely community of Nepalese people in Sydney. Other popular Nepalese dishes include Sel Roti (rice bread), Sekuwa (Nepali style BBQ) and Choyla (marinated chargrilled meat). Or for the brave, try dishes from various ethnic communities of Nepal including Escargots and steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, Khapse (fried crispy bread) and Syaple (stuffed bread).

So come along on Saturday and try all the delicious treats and feel all the love of the Nepalese people and culture.

It is the first time the Nepalese festival is happening in Sydney so make sure you are there to join in all the fun.

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