The Velvet Cave Presents: GEIST RAVE

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$18.41 – $26.50

Located within the depths of a industrial underground concrete playground, Berlin’s influential record label and throbbing dark club night FLEISCH, will be making a special collaborative appearance for an exclusive, one off, late night RAVE in Australia.

Featuring live performances by:

ϟ Forces (Berlin/Fleisch)

ϟ Zanias (Berlin/Fleisch)

ϟ Buzz Kull (Aus/Burning Rose)

ϟ CSMNT61 (Aus/Motorik)

ϟ Fleisch DJs

ϟ Velvet Cave DJs

No Lockout. Gender neutral. No Homophobia. Latex, Leather, Erotic, Fetish… Everyone welcome and encouraged.

Location is only released to ticket holders.

See you on the dark, cavernous, cave dance floor.

Proudly sponsored by Young Henry’s.