How to Live a Soulful Life: Learning to Love for Real

Mirva Inkeri
12th Feb 2018

What is love?
What is real love?
What is unconditional love?

These are some of the questions that many, many, many, many of us ponder, especially when feeling heart broken.

For me years ago I came across this psychological paper that pretty much point blank stated that if one didn’t receive unconditional love as a baby from one’s mother, then that was it. There was no hope for unconditional love in this lifetime.

I was in my early twenties and I felt devastated! I was so happy to learn about this deep wisdom, yet I was devastated that really there was no hope for unconditional love in my lifetime… not only for me but for anyone who didn’t have it perfectly in their very early childhood as a baby?

I was simply gutted. I thought to myself this cannot be true. This cannot be the only way!

Well, as time went past, I let go of this agony in my heart. I learned that there is a different way to love.

There is spiritually unconditional love.

Many teachers, many wisdom talk about having no attachments: when you really love somebody, you let them be free. You free them. These are wonderful teachings. How many of us are capable of these thoughts AND actions? How many of us keep looking for the love from without to fill the hole within? Most likely, more than many people.

Most of the spiritual seekers know that the answers are within, not without. Many spiritual traditions and wisdom say that it is the love of God, that is number one, that fills the hole, that is the only unconditional love, that when we have the love of God - Shiva, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, whomever you wish to call that higher consciousness, universal intelligence, the Source of all love, wisdom, knowledge and more. What name you put on it is not so much relevant. It is where you place the priority of this relationship in your life that could make all the difference!

Unconditional love is the love of all souls equally. This is what my spiritual teacher Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches. When we can look at the criminal, the beggar, the banker, the beautician, the same way in the eyes, feel the same way towards them in our hearts. See and understand their unique suffering, because every soul on this planet is suffering one way or another, sometimes more, sometimes less, but who are we to judge that someone else’s suffering is more important than another’s, or better or more significant.

Every soul is suffering. Every soul is looking for understanding. Every soul is looking for love. Love is a state. Love is a frequency that vibrates at certain megahertz. There are many scientists and other methodologies that now measure this and teach this. Therefore love way more than just a feeling, than an emotion. This is what we too often equate to romantic love.

The opportunity is to practice love for all souls, human souls, animal souls, nature souls equally and not distinguish between income, social status, race, culture and more, but to cultivate this state in our hearts and in our minds, elevate our consciousness to this level.

In the Chinese philosophy, the heart houses the mind and soul. So when we purify, clear, open and deeply develop our hearts, we have the ability, the potential and capability to be in this state, more often than not.

I am so glad to know today in my heart and soul that unconditional is available, accessible and possible for everyone equally.

“Love melts all blockages and transforms all lives”.
Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

May only love prevail!

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join all hearts together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony.

With all my love,

Master Mirva

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