Live a Life of Soulfulness: Creating Completion

Mirva Inkeri
5th Dec 2018

In the Western world, we are often very focused on celebrating the year end and look forward to having a break and nice holiday time. In Spiritually, there is a different perspective to the year end. The year end carries great significance for our journey. It is a time for internal reflection and reviewing the year so to speak. Here are some concepts to focus on for those who wish to spend time on a deeper note for the year end.

Recollections, Reflections & Reckoning

Gratitude Within

Bestow Forgiveness

Serve to Thrive

Precious Inner Peace

Harmony for All


You can start by reflecting of the year by recalling what has taken place, what are the events, milestone, reflecting upon it, reflecting upon these and personally reckoning with this significant milestone events that took place or did not for whatever reason.

This pausing to recall reflect and reckoning can be deeply insightful, shifting and powerful. It is to bring into the conscious awareness of all that has taken place and some of it impacted you quite significantly yet some of these may not be fully complete.

Therefore this period is the opportune time to create completion so you may fully and truly begin anew in 2019. This is the power of the pause. Embrace, open your hearts, open your arms for recollections, reflections and reckoning.

When we have moved through this phase, we can move to practicing Gratitude. We very often do not have enough gratitude. Very often there is a tendency to learn towards the negative as opposed to looking at what we can appreciate and focus on the positive in this way.

I invite you to now after recollections, reflections and reckoning to apply gratitude for all that the universe has given you even if you didn’t receive in some circumstances what you expected.

What was the gift in this situation, in this time, in this relationship? To truly see the gift that have been bestowed by the universe, by Heaven, by our spiritual fathers and mothers can create the deepest of heart opening, most profound shift in our perspective.

Therefore, now focus on practicing an attitude of gratitude.

The next phase is Forgiveness.

Let us begin by asking ourselves, what do I find the easiest: asking someone for forgiveness or granting that to another person?

Forgiveness practice is the most profound self-healing practice. Yet, there can be such resistance to this practice, and sometimes people feel shame, guilt, feeling bad.

This is not the intention, purpose or the message of forgiveness practice at all. Most often this is an indication that we are progressing through the layers of clearing our heart and opening our heart further and wider. It maybe disguised in feelings of resistance or other feelings.

“Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.” ~ Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

This is especially freeing when we release somebody else. When we let go of the hurt, the pain, the wound that we have carried, be it old or new – when we choose to release that, it is when our heart becomes free. Definitely we also free the other soul! Why is it that we don’t do this more frequently or more easily?

Part of it is the ego, sometimes so subtle, hardly noticeable that wants to hold on to the illusion of the mind of being right, but is this really true? Is this really the case or is it really and truly a mere illusion?

Focus on doing forgiveness practice for a week. Try it. Free your heart. Free your mind. Free your thinking of any negativity about anyone or anything through forgiveness. Experience the true and deep inner peace. Feel the real inner joy. Benefit.  Benefit. Benefit.

Now we are ready to broaden our perspective even further! Let us pause again and ask

“Who comes first?”

Very often many of us are juggling priorities. Many of us have multiple perceived all real demands of our time, of our attention, of our engagement.  How do we know what to focus on? Who to give our precious time? Sometimes so limited, especially when we feel we are drained or depleted and don’t have much left from where to give in the first place.

We are preoccupied by many challenges, expectations from the family trying to meet the needs of so many people in our lives.  Who comes first? How do we prioritise these multiple aspects?

The purpose of life is to serve – to serve is to make others happier and healthier. This does not mean we become a ‘doormat’ or we give to others continuously at the expense of ourselves. This is not the true meaning of making others happier and healthier. Everything needs to be in balance. Where the opportunity lies is when we are incredibly focused on resolving something in our own lives that bother us, worry us, we may lay sleepless that night. We just cannot let something go. We talk to anyone and everyone we possibly can about it, looking for solutions, finding for answers and more.

In these moments times when we are so preoccupied with something, the real freedom and release can come when we actually reach out to someone else and simply ask:

How can I help you?

How can I serve you today?

What can I do for you in this moment?

When we put ourselves aside and truly listen to another person, what is their pain in this moment? What is causing them suffering? This can completely shift what is in our hearts and in our minds? When we apply ourselves to help that other person, everything in our shen qi jing (soul heart mind and body) can change spiritually, energetically, chemically on the deepest cellular level. This can be an incredible recipe for happiness, joy and inner peace and who knows in the process, we may discover our own solutions and answers.

Try this today, once a day or even if it’s just once in this week. Put somebody else first. Serve to thrive in health, wellbeing and happiness.

The next phase is to go even deeper internally. Is the pace of the world around you too fast? How are you travelling in this traditionally very busy intense time of ramping down?

The year-end completion, bringing work to completion, projects, milestones and more. Many in this society are feeling the effects of stress in their hearts, in their minds, and in their bodies and are looking for the means to dissipate, diffuse and have peace and quiet.

There is an ancient teaching ‘exhaust the body, still the mind’. Many times it is the physical exercise that can bring great counter balance to what is needed, expected of us emotionally, mentally and more.

We can too often neglect the physical body and it even gets dragged along from one event to another, yet if we pause, rejuvenate, nourish and replenish the body, give it a good shake up, give it a good run up the hill and more, we may find that the stagnant energy gets released, expanded and all channels can open and much to our mind’s illusion we may feel rejuvenated, recharged and even exhilarated.

In this time of the year, as the completion closes in, bring great balance to your soul heart mind and body.

Then to bring it all together, it is time to look at how to have and create harmony for everyone around us and with whom we interact, so everyone can be happy and healthy.

It is very easy to have many expectations of others and in this time, it is especially important to seek for what creates harmony in our relationship with others, in our interactions with our loved ones, with our family, immediate or extended.

How is it that I bring harmony to this relationship, to this interaction?

Where is it that I can drop my desires, my preferences, my will and let this go for the good of the collective, for the betterment of the unity, of the family or the collective?

Where is it that I can offer kinder service and, in this way, increase the harmony, put others, the family or the collective ahead of my own needs, desires, one’s expectations and more?

This does not reduce me or my intentions, likes or preferences in any shape or form, actually quite on the contrary. This is the higher perspective of togetherness, of connections, of relationships.

This cannot only bring harmony to the external situations and relationships but also within our own heart and soul. This ancient pearl of wisdom can truly bring the deepest inner peace and harmony of the heart and soul.


May you have inner love peace and harmony.

May your family experience love peace and harmony.

May all souls be in love peace and harmony.


I love my heart and soul.

I love all humanity.

Join hearts and souls together.

Bring love peace and harmony.

Bring love peace and harmony.


With love and light,

Master Mirva