Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Sylvie Woods
10th Apr 2018

The silver jubilee launch of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea was held on Thursday last week heralding the reprise of the event in 2018. The popular fundraising initiative, which prepares the Cancer Council for another year of accomodating Australian cancer-sufferers in far-reaching, untold ways, is the organisation’s remarkably effective response to the millions of Australians who are affected by cancer every year.

Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom was replete with celebrities, wonderful baked goods and tea-related gifts from sponsors on Thursday.

The tea launch was hosted by Channel 7 meteorologist David Brown, with special guest appearances from ambassadors The Gourmet Pommies, Will and Steve, as well as Australian Olympic Freestyle Skier, Samantha Wells, who has given laudable attention, dedication and exposure to several rounds of the event.

The launch was teeming with the Cancer Council’s ‘VIP Tea Hosts’: the most proactive and committed cancer-awareness raisers in Australia, who last year helped in accruing funds to the tune of 11.9 million dollars. The Cancer Council’s VIP hosts are all sorts of everyday folk of different backgrounds and ages who remind us that, alone or as a collective, we have the capacity to effect change and save lives. Trish Vermuyten, who spoke on behalf of the foundation, revealed the sobering details of her and her family’s simultaneous struggle with cancer. She reiterated the ungovernable aggression of the disease and its capacity to afflict, and re-afflict, anyone at any time. For Trish, a dire diagnosis was aided by Cancer Council’s services and advice. Trish’s emotional impact on the foundation’s launch will inevitably spur tea-hosts onto even greater sums this year. The Cancer Council aspires to reach figures of 13 million dollars in 2018.

The launch set out a robust display of savoury and sweet treats, endowed attendees with party-bags of sponsor-donated goods, and even called upon Sian Redgrave, winner of Australia’s Greatest Bake-off, for a dangerously-delicious two-storey cake.

We are all fortunate to be able to contribute to the Cancer Council’s most significant fundraising event each year. Whether it be hosting or merely attending a tea-party, the idea is wonderfully simple. Gather or join your friends, colleagues or community for tea and treats and, in doing so, support people affected by cancer. Dollars received by the Cancer Council improve their prevention programs, research, patient support services and advocacy. Primary Cancer Council support services are, but not limited to, confidential over-the-phone counselling, transport, accommodation, home-help, support groups, webinars and life-after-cancer treatment.

While Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea has been running, the survival rate for common cancers has increased in Australia by thirty percent. This is a credit to The Cancer Council as well as other Australian charities that raise awareness and offer support. With rates of common-cancer diagnosis standing presently at one in two men and one in three women, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea will continue to aid the Cancer Council in offering their unconditional support to victims of cancer, and each dollar counts.

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