Making Mozzarella

Rebecca Varidel
3rd Sep 2018

Vannella Cheese, award-winning producers of Italian Cheese since 1983, will be teaching keen cheese enthusiasts how to make, shape and knot fresh mozzarella, nodini, the true Italian way on September 27 from 6.30pm at Capriccio Osteria in Leichhardt.

Vito Minoia, the head cheese maker at Vannella, has learned to hand stretch curds for burrata since he was 16 years old in Puglia, Italy. He believes there is "a story behind every craft, a hand behind every cheese, perfection behind every batch."

As part of the cheese education, guests will also have the chance to graze through four-courses of the new Spring menu at Capriccio Osteria, with fresh seasonal vegetables and naturally, cheese, being the main stars in each course.

To learn more about the art of Italian cheese making you need to reserve a table by calling or booking Capriccio Osteria online. The whole experience is $49 per person, including the cheese making and dining.