New Tim Tam Gelato Messina Flavours!

Tony Ling
22nd Feb 2018

When the times get tough, one can always fall back on the simpler things in life. Like biscuits.

But in this modern age, one has to get creative. Just like how Tim Tam was named after the brilliant racing horse of the same name, Arnott’s feisty creativity certainly pays off in its delicious gelato ice cream filled chocolate sandwich biscuits - best served chilled.

Together with Gelato Messina one of the most beloved gelato makers of Australia, Tim Tam now has three new inspired flavours that are as remarkable as they are sophisticated. The development of these fusion biscuits involved taking skilled pastry makers and building them from the ground up to become gelato makers and biscuiteers resulting in extra perspective and diversity in these delicately rich recipes. That may have contributed to the fascinating subtle things like how they used sourdough to highlight the textures of the biscuits.

But are these new biscuits any good?

Well yes.

Flavour #1 contains the soft but not so-hard-like-a-gummy-bear pieces of Turkish Delight that are inside the Tim Tam while being distributed fairly across the filling making every bite just that much more fun and delightful. The filling is in a respectable proportion to the biscuit as well allowing you to actually taste some ice cream and the flavours of Turkish delight without being overpowered by the sweetness of the milk chocolate sandwich layers.

Flavour #2 was the most popular one among at the press event as well as my friends and that’s the Ice Coffee Tim Tam. The nice thing about this flavour is that it actually does taste like espresso making you enjoy a bite-sized biscuit mocha that is coated with satisfying dark chocolate supporting the authentic taste of the coffee.

Flavour #3 is the Cherry Ripe and this was the one I really wanted to like. It’s in dark chocolate again so the flavour of the filling can be the star here but the filling’s portion comparing to the biscuit is just a bit more shallow comparing to the other two flavours. What you get here is still a very tasty biscuit but the flavour of the Cherry Ripe is not as satisfyingly strong and resolute as the other two showcased flavours. The crunch feels just that slightly more overweighed by the dark chocolate biscuit rather than the precious ice cream filling.

Tasting these biscuits chilled as reccomended by the packaging really do add to their flavour profile. They taste a bit more mature and refined whilst really enhancing the ice cream flavours especially the coffee one. And plus its kind of refreshing which you’d never think you’d feel eating a biscuit. With such popularity from last year’s flavours from these two’s match made in heaven, one hopes this partnership will continue. For all our sakes.

Gelato Messina's three new takes of the classic Tim Tam are available in supermakets now at just $3.65 a pack. Not a bad price at all.