Parida Bacon Benedict

Nicki Alchin
10th Oct 2018

If you find yourself at Bondi Beach on a rainy morning, there’s nothing better than holing up in a warm friendly café serving yummy breakfasts. This is exactly where Sydney Scoop found themselves on an unseasonably foul weather day in October. Thankfully Parida Bondi located across from the beach, came to the rescue in providing a well-needed haven. ​

Bursting with a friendly comfortable atmosphere, Parida is a family run business boasting a new refurb featuring an inside as well as outside space to enjoy a relaxed beachside brunch. The décor has a slight Mediterranean vibe with beautiful detailed tiling in a warm shade of aqua blue. Cushions abound on the walled bench seating area and small tables dot the cosy dining space. The brunch menu is full of on-trend options with a nod here and there to the Mediterranean with the use of feta, haloumi, falafel, and pesto in many of the dishes. After perusing the menu and hearing the most popular options, I opted for a small sample of the granola to be followed by a full serving of the Parida Bacon Benedict. ​

However, before diving into a detailed account of my breakfast dishes, I know you are all waiting to hear about the coffee. So, I ended up having three cups of coffee. As a morning wake me up I ordered a short black. A large cappuccino was my accompaniment for the granola and a large latte for the Parida Bacon Benedict. I have to say I found the latte the most pleasing of the three. Parada serves up Gabriel Coffee, a coffee label based in Chatswood I had not come across before until my visit to Parida. My palette is accustomed to Gusto, Vittoria, Campos and Adore coffee as a rule and so it wasn’t until I hit the latte at Parida that I was in my coffee comfort zone. I found the short black and the cappuccino a little on the bitter side which is great if you like that style of coffee, but for me the greater quantity of milk that a latte contains was just right for me (essentially, I am talking about the extra milky sweetness to counter the coffee beans). ​
Anyway, onto the food. ​

For granola fans, let me please say that I was extremely impressed by the sample of Parida’s in-house baked granola. I’m the type of girl who has gone through weeks of craving granola and running home for a big bowl of it with fruit and yoghurt for dinner … that says it all really as to my granola rating credentials. I would have to say I have not had such a good bowl of granola since the days of my mother’s organic home baked variety, as the one I gobbled down with delight at Parida. The crunch texture (an important feature for any granola aficionado) was just right. This came about from the use of heavenly ingredients of hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, oats, pecans, walnuts, and shaved dried coconut. The next important features were the awesome yoghurt to granola ratio (another touch of perfection) and the generous selection of fresh seasonal fruit (sliced blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi fruit with the added bonus of half a passion fruit that I scooped out onto the granola). For me, breakfast could have ended right there for my tastebuds to be happy, but I ploughed onto the next course of Parida’s take on Eggs Benedict. ​

Apparently, Parida’s Benedict accounts for around 60 per cent of breakfast orders, so of course I had to try it. There are four options in relation to what can be added to the base of potato rosti, poached eggs, hollandaise, avocado and feta smash, and toast. You can opt for bacon, roasted mushrooms, grilled haloumi, chorizo, or smoked salmon. Once again I went what was most popular, and that was the bacon option. ​

I believe the Bacon Parida Benedict is a great combination of all the favourite savoury breakfast options, especially with the addition of an avocado and feta smash. Great flavours and interesting textures combine well and the portions of each individual ingredients are generous – I had four potato rostis, two perfectly poached eggs, a good-sized dollop of avocado and feta smash, and rashers of delicious streaky bacon cooked to the right crispiness level – crispy on the edges and a bit of softness in the middle. Forking together the different components onto my toast or onto the potato rostis was a great way to enjoy the dish. It was a winner in my books. ​

The All-Day Breakfast menu at Parida has variations on Parida’s Benedict, as well as throwing in the granola and a Belgian waffles option for those sweet tooths such as myself. There’s lots of deliciousness to enjoy for all.​

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Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm for breakfast and lunch, Saturday to Sunday 8am to 4pm for breakfast and lunch. No bookings taken unless for larger groups and evening functions (make an enquiry by emailing Located on the northern end of the Campbell Parade strip opposite Bondi Beach in the Pacific Building - Shop G08A, 180-186 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach. ​